How to take care of your lips Ways for a perfectly smooth lips

Minor imperfections in the lip drawing can be covered up with makeup. But for lips to be a true attribute of female beauty, they must be smooth and firm. See how to care for the lips so that the skin around them is nourished and well-groomed.

The epidermis covering the mouth is very thin and delicate, it has no sweat glands at all, only a very few sebaceous glands, and no melanin. That is why lips are easily dry and chapped, and nothing protects them from UV radiation.

Dehydration causes a loss of volume and firmness, and as this process increases, the lips turn pale, their contours become saggy, and the boundary between the red lips and the skin around the mouth becomes blurred. Therefore, it is worth spending some time caring for them - the more that it is not complicated.

Seductively shaped lips, i.e. ways to improve the lip contour

The lipstick will beautifully emphasize the beauty of well-groomed lips, and may also improve their shape.

● Narrow lips are easy to visually enlarge. With a lip liner a shade lighter than the color of the lips, mark the contour just above the lip line, and then gently smear it inward. Color your lips with a light lipstick, e.g. nude, pale pink. To further emphasize them, apply a little lip gloss to the very center of the lips.

● Lip aspect ratio can be improved. First, highlight the lip contour with a skin tone foundation. Next, use a flesh colored pencil to outline the narrow lip just above its natural line, and on the wider lip from the inside, without reaching its edge. Apply lipstick to your lips and highlight the middle of a narrow lip with a drop of lip gloss.

● Sloping corners give the face a sad expression, so it is worth lifting them visually. Apply a clear liquid concealer to the corners and powder. Use a natural shade liner to outline the lips just above the corners and paint over the lips with lipstick.

What lip cosmetics to use?

The lips and the delicate skin around them will stay plump longer if they are nourished and moisturized. During your daily toilet, do not forget to apply a good cream on them, and apply a cosmetic richer in valuable ingredients 2 or 3 times a week. It can be a regenerating or anti-wrinkle serum or mask that you use for your face.

However, these types of cosmetics designed specifically for the care of the lips and their surroundings will work better. They have a very light texture, suitable for thin and delicate skin, usually contain oils, vitamin C or retinol, which help to smooth out wrinkles, moisturize and firm the lips. In order for the epidermis to better absorb these substances, do a peeling before applying the mask. An ice cube massage is also great for lips - it improves blood circulation and firms - so it's worth doing it every few days.

Smoothing chapped lips

Chapped lips cannot be hidden under makeup, because the lipstick will emphasize dry epidermis even more. However, peeling will remove it perfectly. There are preparations designed specifically for the lips, but you can also use a gentle facial scrub, e.g. gommage. A great home remedy is plain, fine-grained sugar - scoop it a little on a wet finger and massage your lips until the crystals dissolve. Sugar will not only smooth the lips, but also moisturize them, and the massage will revive the circulation.

Remember to coat your lips with a nourishing and moisturizing lotion, such as aloe vera, shea butter or oils. Also lubricate them several times a day - check if the cosmetic contains UV filters. It is worth applying a colored lipstick or lip gloss to the colorless balm, which will additionally protect the lips. As a rule, they contain moisturizing oils, nourishing ceramides, vitamins and sunscreen.