SUN how to choose a cream that protects against UV radiation

You know that UV rays damage the skin, but it is difficult to imagine summer without even a slight tan. Therefore, to minimize the harmful effects of sunlight, protect your skin by lubricating it with a cream with a high sunscreen. How to choose the best sunscreen?

Everyone knows that sun protection is important. But not everyone knows what sunscreen is best for them. Sunlight reaches us, among others in the form of UVB and UVA radiation. The former mainly affects the epidermis, causes erythema and neoplastic changes. The second is even more insidious as it reaches the dermis. It destroys collagen and elastin fibers, intensifies the harmful effects of UVB rays, and is the main cause of phototoxic reactions and allergies. To reduce the harmful effects of the sun, you need to use sunscreen.

Which sunscreen should you choose?

First of all, it should contain a sufficiently high UVB filter - see the number after the SPF abbreviation. Until recently, the markings on packaging were inconsistent. For one manufacturer, the highest value of SPF was 60, and for another - 100. As it caused information chaos, last year the European Commission unified the SPF scale - the highest value was 50. According to the new arrangements, producers will not be able to put various, not entirely true information on the packaging, e.g. that the product provides a 100% blockade, because such a perfect system does not exist. The Commission recommends that the packaging should contain information on the correct application of the product and the principles of safe use of the sun. Many producers have not yet managed to adapt to the new recommendations of the Commission, so this season we will find preparations labeled both in the new and the old way.

Choose a cream with an SPV filter well

Match the cosmetic to your skin phototype. The lower it is, the higher the protection you need.

Frequent application of sunscreen

A sun care product should also protect against UVA rays. The time and method of application of the preparation are also of great importance. Lubricate yourself several minutes before going out into the sun and repeat the application every 2-3 hours. Take care of it especially when you are bathing - even waterproof preparations lose some of their properties after contact with water. And one more thing - the cosmetic is not worth saving - the skin is properly protected only when there is a fairly thick layer of the preparation on it.

Baby sun protection

Children's skin is very sensitive to UV rays, so children under three years of age should not be exposed to the sun. Later, particularly careful protection is necessary - a hat with a material that covers the neck, a T-shirt and ... a good cream. We apply filter cosmetics to the entire skin, not forgetting the ears and feet. The first four years of a child's life are the most important. If it then burns, dangerous changes may later appear on the skin.