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Aleppo Soap What Are The Properties Of Syrian Alep Soap How To Use It

The history of Aleppo green soap dates back to the Phoenicians. Now the Syrian Alep soap is used to fight acne and oily skin, but it can also float on water. What other properties does the famous Aleppo soap have? It is worth checking if it should come to our bathroom.

How To Take Care Of Your Skin In Winter Practical Advice

How to take care of your skin in winter? This question is important above all (but not only) for women with delicate skin - in winter the temperature differences are very large, and the skin is exposed not only to frost and wind, but also the drying effects of heating and air conditioning. So how to take care of your skin in winter?

Cavitation Peeling What Is It And How Does It Proceed

Cavitation peeling, often called cavitation for short, is a skin cleansing treatment performed in a beauty salon. Cavitation peeling exfoliates the skin and penetrates deeper than home scrubs, but it works just as gently. Read how cavitation peeling works and find out its price.

Static Hair Causes And Home Remedies

Static hair is a problem for many women, especially in winter. Find out about the causes of static hair and home remedies to deal with them.

Makeup Base What Does It Give And How To Use It

The make-up base is a cosmetic for special sentences - it camouflages discolorations and skin imperfections, smoothes the skin, and fixes makeup. Depending on individual needs, the make-up base can be used for great events or every day. Find out what the make-up base gives and how to use it, and how to choose this cosmetic for your skin type.

Rose Water How Does It Work Where To Buy It And How To Use It

Rose water is becoming more and more popular in Poland. Rose water is famous primarily for its moisturizing properties, but there are many possibilities of its use. You can, for example, drink rose water. Read how rose water works, learn how to use it and how to make it yourself at home.

How To Wash Your Hands Hand Washing Instructions

Look at your hands. Do you think they are clean? It's an illusion! Each centimeter of your hands is home to up to 5 million bacteria, including pathogenic microorganisms. Only frequent and proper hand washing can destroy them and thus prevent the development of the disease! We suggest step by step how to do it.

Tea Tree Oil Properties Application

Tea tree essential oil is a natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and disinfectant. It will help fight acne, dandruff or oily hair. Read on or listen to how to use tea tree oil.

Glycerin Properties And Application

Glycerin is often found in cosmetics because it has a positive effect on their consistency and durability. Strongly and deeply moisturizes and regenerates the skin. Find out what health properties glycerin has and what it is used for - not only in cosmetics.

How to take care of your hands in the era of coronavirus

In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, specialists recommend frequent washing and disinfection of hands, but all these treatments, unfortunately, are very harmful to hands. How to take care of them in this difficult time?