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Neck and Neckline Masks Recipes

Recipes for homemade NECK AND NECKLINE MASKS are a quick and effective way to improve skin condition. You have a great exit and in your wardrobe a beautiful outfit for this occasion, unfortunately the dress reveals the imperfections of the skin of the neck and cleavage... If you have not managed to make an appointment with a beautician, you have to save yourself. Here are recipes for homemade face masks for the neck and décolleté.

How to Get Rid of Cellulite Effectively

Cellulite, or orange peel, is the bane of many women. In winter, we carefully hid cellulite under a thick layer of clothes, but summer will mercilessly reveal that almost all of us are struggling with cellulite. Get ready for carefree sunbathing now and check how to get rid of cellulite.

Almond Acid Treatments

Almond acid is one of the AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid) acids. Almond acid gently exfoliates the skin, rejuvenates and does not cause irritation. It is perfect for skin with problems.

Cosmetic Treatments for Sensitive Skin

Cosmetic treatments for sensitive skin must be specially selected and carried out with the use of appropriate cosmetics. Many offices offer treatments for sensitive skin. The effects are visible after the first one, but specialists recommend a series of treatments - usually from 3 to 6. What treatments can be performed by a beautician with sensitive skin?

How to Take Care of Large Breasts

Large breasts require special care. To prevent premature sagging of large breasts, you need to exercise, sleep in a bra and enjoy cold showers. A large breast will look healthy if you take care of it properly.

Face Volumetry Modeling Without Scalpel

Volumetric treatments with hyaluronic acid enable face modeling without scalpel intervention. Face volumetry allows you to raise the oval, increase its volume, restore skin density, and even correct the shape of the nose, mouth and cheekbones. What should you know before you decide to model your face without a scalpel?

Slimming Treatments

Contrary to appearances, slimming treatments are not only about getting rid of excess pounds. First of all, in an aesthetic medicine office, slimming treatments are performed. Modern aesthetic medicine has methods that allow you to remove fat reduction once and for all. And that without using a scalpel or staying in the hospital. However, slimming treatments are not a way to lose weight - you should lose unnecessary kilograms before the treatments.

Home Pedicure is Not Difficult

Foot care is very important despite the fact that we hide them in our shoes most of the year. Properly cared for feet do not cause problems and can be our pride. It is worth spending a moment with them, especially since foot care is not difficult or time-consuming.

False Eyelashes - How to Stick

False eyelashes are a simple way to emphasize eye makeup, but many women hesitate to apply them on their own. How to put on false eyelashes? How to take them off? Are they safe and the glue does not cause allergies? You will find the answers to these questions in our article!

Highlighter - How to Use it

A skilfully used highlighter emphasizes facial features and adds life to the complexion. However, many women do not appreciate this cosmetic, believing that using it requires professional make-up artist. However, it is enough to learn a few tricks on how to apply the highlighter to get the best effect.