Christmas crown nails How to remove or make a hybrid

How to make nails yourself at home? How to remove a hybrid or titanium from a plate without damaging it? Or maybe there are some home remedies to nourish your nails after taking care of them yourself? Now the beauty salons are closed, so we are on our own.

Holidays are ahead of us - but this time we do not have to look great, because we will not meet anyone. Or at least we shouldn't in times of the spreading coronavirus epidemic.

However, women want to be beautiful even while sitting at home in sweatpants. Remember that many of us work remotely, hold meetings via applications or programs that enable video conferences.

And since beauty salons have been closed for some time (and will be for a while), you have to deal with it yourself. Well, but how to remove the hybrid so as not to destroy the plate?

How to remove the hybrid at home?

- When it comes to removing the hybrid at home, it would be best to gently remove the first layer of the hybrid (top) with a paper file. Then apply a cotton pad soaked in acetone to the color, apply it to the nail and wrap the nail with aluminum foil. After 10-20 min. (time depends on the color) remove with a wooden stick (if you do not have one, use a skewer stick). Then shorten the nails, rub the olive or olive oil into them and apply the conditioner the next day.

In addition, you can make a compress for your hands and nails. To do this, you need to heat the olive oil with lemon juice and soak your fingers (nails) until they cool down.

I have been dealing with nails for years. I love what I do, and years of practice have meant that I have seen everything that could be done in this profession.

How do you remove titanium?

- The procedure is the same, only titanium is stronger and may take longer to come off the nail plate. It's best to rub vitamin A plus E from the capsule into the nail afterwards - she adds.

Homemade hybrid - DIY

The Internet is full of DIY hybrid manicure kits. If you want to try it yourself, take a closer look at what the process looks like. It is not easy for a person who does it for the first time - you can damage the plate, make a hybrid for one or two days, less durable, not to mention pouring the cuticles or applying all layers of varnish thinly.

Of course, first you need to prepare your nails - file them, remove the cuticles. Only then can you proceed to applying the hybrid: