Ingrown Nail - Buckle Instead of Tearing off

The problem of ingrown toenails affects people of all ages. The painful wounds that arise as a result of ingrown toenails are so burdensome that often the only treatment method is the removal of the entire nail plate.

Before we allow such an extreme situation, we can use less invasive but very effective methods of treatment. See the nails starting to grow into the skin? Go to the podiatrist and ask about the corrective nail clip. This simple procedure can save a lot of pain and shape unruly nails for a long time.

Why are clamps for ingrown nails gaining more and more followers?

- Surgical breaking of the ingrown nail plate is a thing of the past Contemporary aesthetic medicine considers this method barbaric - not only is it painful, but very often the new nail grows back incorrectly. We, the surgeons, possibly perform the Quenu operation, but the clamps allow you to get rid of this problem quickly, effectively and bloodlessly in the beauty salon.

My wife is going to get tips on her toes. Her problem is ingrown toenails. The lady in the salon told her that thanks to this, her nails would not grow into cuticles and her legs would look very nice. Is something like that practiced? Isn't that harmful?

Joanna Kaczorowska: There is a practice of making tips or applying only gel on the toenails, thanks to which the nails will not grow ingrown. They have a "designated" new shape, they are stiffened and thus they stop growing into the sides of the nail. I also recommend a method that is also very effective and does not require tips. It is a painless procedure that involves placing a corrective brace on the nail. Putting it on brings very quick relief for sore nails. They do not interfere with everyday life. They are put on prophylactically in the case of delicate ingrowth, and in more severe cases, they prevent painful procedures. Such a procedure can be performed in a large number of beauty salons. It is worth for the nail to be seen by a specialist who will decide which method is the best in this particular case.

Ingrown nails: Quenu surgery

Now surgeons use the so-called Quenu surgery (involves cutting the nail longitudinally, cutting off a part of it, cleaning the groove and the nail shaft and suturing the wound). However, this method is painful and not always effective. However, there is a less invasive method of correcting ingrown toenails - applying a corrective brace.

Clamps for ingrown nails

The buckles can be of various types: spring, metal-plastic or plastic. The latest invention is the VHO Osthold wire clamps, made of a material used in orthodontic appliances. They can be put on even when the nail fold is inflamed.

How is a clamp applied to an ingrown toenail?

The VHO Osthold buckle is attached under the edges of the nail, where it begins to grow into the body. The ends of the wire are properly shaped and adjusted to the thickness of the nail plate on both sides of the finger. The hook is attached under the plate, the wire is cut and ended with an eyelet. The key moment of the procedure is the connection of both hooks with a wire loop - then the force with which the clamp will lift the nail up, paving its new growth channel is determined.

A special mass is applied to the sharp ends of the buckle and can be decorated with e.g. sequin. The clamp is kept on the nail until it grows back completely with a new track. Before you go home, your pedicurist will explain to you how to put on anti-inflammatory tampons at home.