Brittle Nails Home Remedies To Fight Them The Causes Of Brittle Nails

Broken nails are a problem that affects many people. If you are one of them - your nails are brittle, soft and, most of all, they often break, it means that you are probably following the wrong diet or your nails have been affected by harmful external factors. So, find out what other causes of brittle nails are and learn about ways to deal with brittle nails.

Brittle nails are a problem that many of us struggle with. How to deal with it and what are its causes? Check it out!

The causes of brittle nails

Brittle nails are nothing more than a broken horny plate covering the fingers and toes. Keratin plays an important role in the composition of nails. In order for the nail to grow properly and not break, we should not lead to its deficiency (if this happens, we can supplement it using preparations with hydrolysed keratin). Moreover, the appearance of the nail plate proves whether our body is functioning properly.

Therefore, you should not ignore any signs associated with its poor condition. The causes of brittle nails can also include an inadequate diet - the nail plate breaks due to a deficiency of, among others: silicon, zinc, potassium, calcium, iron, vitamin B, vitamin F and magnesium.

Common causes of nail breakage also include poor hand care (or lack of it), as well as long soaking of hands in water, exposure to too low or too high temperature, moisture and inappropriate washing off the nail varnish (using acetone).

Home remedies for brittle nails

1. Castor oil

One way to have a home treatment to prevent nail breakage is to use castor oil. It is a remedy not only for hair, but also for damaged nails. Castor oil should be rubbed into the nail plate and cuticles around the nails twice a day.

2. Olive oil bath

Other home remedies to prevent nail breakage include bathing in olive oil with a pinch of lemon. How to prepare it? Add a little lemon juice to the heated olive oil. Then we soak our hands for a few minutes. After this time, dry your hands and smear them with cream. Thanks to this treatment, our nails will be strengthened.

3. Apple cider vinegar

Another way to deal with brittle nails is apple cider vinegar, which is rich in ingredients such as calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium. During the treatment with the use of apple cider vinegar, you should mix equal amounts of vinegar and water. The soaked nails will be stronger in the prepared mixture. In addition to strengthening the nail plate, apple cider vinegar also fights infections and all nail infections.

4. Tea oil

Tea oil is also one of the home remedies for brittle nails. In order to prepare a treatment with its use, mix half a teaspoon of vitamin E with a few drops of tea oil. Rub the prepared mixture into each nail, gently massaging the plate for a few minutes. After a few minutes, rinse it and wipe your hands dry. We repeat this treatment twice a day for a month.

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5. Linseed

Flaxseed is also used as a home remedy for brittle nails. Pour half a liter of hot water into two tablespoons of linseed and let it brew for a few minutes, then dip your nails for about 20 minutes. This type of treatment strengthens the nail plate and regenerates damaged hands.

6. Garlic conditioner

Among the methods for brittle nails, we can also distinguish garlic conditioner. Crush a clove of garlic, adding a teaspoon of olive oil to it. Massage the prepared conditioner into the nail plate. After a few minutes, wash everything off with warm water.

7. Beer

Yes! The use of beer is also one of the ways to fight a given ailment. Due to the fact that beer contains biotin, phosphorus, selenium and potassium, using them for care, we will make our nails stronger.

8. Aloe

Aloe is a plant that has antibacterial, fungicidal and regenerating properties. We can use it as one of the factors of daily care. During the treatment with aloe, rub the nail plate and cuticles around the nails with a cut piece of leaf.

Other ways for brittle nails

When home remedies for brittle nails do not work, other methods can also be used. One of them is the use of nail conditioners. Usually, the first effects are visible after regular use for about two weeks. Nail conditioners contain calcium and keratin. Such conditioner penetrates deep into the nail, nourishing it.

Another way is to use a nail hardener. The hardener, apart from being used to finish the manicure, is a way to protect the nail plate. It protects them from excessive breaking.

Such a way to excessively break nails can be ... a hybrid manicure. Thanks to the use of this method, we guarantee that the nail will not break.

In order to prevent nail brittleness, you should also remember that the varnish used to paint the nails should contain strengthening ingredients.

How to prevent nail breakage?

First of all, it is worth following a proper diet, rich in minerals such as: magnesium, calcium, zinc, silicon and vitamins: C, E, B, A. You should also drink a lot of vices and make sure that our body is properly hydrated. We must also remember to properly care for our hands. Do not soak them in water for too long, wear protective gloves when using detergents, protect them especially in winter, when they are exposed to temperature fluctuations. It will also be useful to use moisturizing and regenerating cosmetics. An important issue is also the correct use of the file and filing the nails "in agreement" - one way.

Broken toenails: how to fight them?

In addition to brittle fingernails, we often struggle with the fragility of the toenails. However, this problem is much less common. As a common cause of breaking the toenails, poorly chosen shoes and any abrasions associated with it can be mentioned. To prevent the toenails from breaking, remember to care for and use special creams designed for this purpose. You can also successfully try home remedies for brittle fingernails on your feet.

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