Face And Eye Makeup Removal How To Do It

Face and eye makeup removal is the basis of care. Imagine that you walk around with a dirty face all day, forget to clean it thoroughly in the evening and watch your skin rash the next day. It is all a consequence of not cleansing the skin and inadequate make-up removal. Spend more time on your skin and it will pay off with a radiant and healthy complexion. Check how to remove face and eyes!

Make-up removal is a very important treatment for our skin. Although it is usually not visible with the naked eye, our mouth is simply dirty in the evening. Dust, exhaust fumes, sebum, sweat, bacteria and other deposits clog the pores. The burdened skin cannot "breathe" freely, it causes disfiguring blackheads and pimples. If you add a decent layer of makeup to it then you can only imagine how clogged and dirty your facial skin is.

You need to get rid of the pollution quickly and efficiently. Carelessly washed off make-up is the cause of skin irritation, red, itchy and puffy eyes in the morning. One more argument: poorly cleansed skin is a barrier to the nutrients contained in skin care cosmetics. Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the face every day and from time to time scrub to remove dead skin cells.

Face makeup removal: how to do it?

To cleanse the skin, it is best to use specially designed make-up removal cosmetics: milk, cream or gel. When choosing a preparation, consider the type of skin.

The make-up remover milk contains the most moisturizing ingredients, and at the same time it is the most effective lubricant. But that's not an advantage if you have oily skin. Apply the milk to the face with a cotton pad and gently wipe the face. Change the swabs until the next one is clean. Do the same with a foam and gel that is lighter than milk, but you can treat them like a face cleanser and rub them into the skin first, then rinse with water.

Remember, if you wash your face with gel and water, moisten your face and neck with water first. Only then apply a little preparation on your hands, spread it on your face and massage gently until foam forms. Rinse thoroughly. Use lukewarm water for washing. Hot melts and washes away the fatty protective layer of the epidermis.

Despite the fact that makeup removing cosmetics are enriched with caring ingredients, it is worth wiping your face with a tonic after using them. First of all, it will restore the proper pH of the skin (5.5).

The right reaction is the best protection against harmful external factors. The tonic will eliminate the feeling of tight skin, especially if you've washed your face with water before, and it will pleasantly refresh the epidermis.

Natural make-up removal methods

Make-up removal glove: how does it work?

How is micellar water different from other make-up removal cosmetics?

What is pH?

The acidity or alkalinity of a solution is determined by the concentration of hydrogen ions in it, measured according to a special scale - pH. The more hydrogen ions, the more acidic the solution.

Pure water is neutral and the pH is 7. Acid solutions have a pH lower than and alkaline solutions greater than 7. The pH of the skin is around 5.5, so its pH is always acidic. High pH contributes to worse exfoliation of the epidermis and skin dryness. It facilitates the reproduction of bacteria responsible for the formation of acne.

Eye makeup removal: how to do it?

The most important thing is to remove makeup from your eyes. You can choose a special cosmetic designed for their make-up removal: regular or two-phase. The latter is great for waterproof makeup. The oils it contains will effectively dissolve cosmetics, and the water component will soothe irritations. Shake the two liquids well before use.

The skin on the eyelids and around the eyes is very thin (only 1/2 mm, while the thickness of the skin in other parts of the face is even 2 mm). So be careful with it: do not rub your eyelids, but put a cotton swab soaked in e.g. milk and wait a dozen or so seconds for it to dissolve the colored cosmetics. Then gently move the cotton ball (always from the inner corner of the eye towards the temple). Do this repeatedly until the next petal is clean.

Wash the mascara with vertical movements, place tissues under the lower eyelashes - this way you will avoid smearing mascara on the lower eyelid and the "panda" effect. On the other hand, with horizontal movements, you will remove eyeliner and shadows that are left between the eyelashes.

Is makeup removal with water and soap safe for the skin?

Only if you have healthy young skin you can wash your face with only water. However, forget about regular soap, which mercilessly destroys the protective layer of the skin. Research confirms that it contributes to the faster formation of wrinkles. And no wonder - classic toilet soap dries the skin very much and leaves an alkaline residue on it (pH above 8).

The soap facilitates the penetration of allergens and other irritating external factors. To prevent this from happening, use a washing bar - syndet. It contains less than 10 percent. soaps, the rest are synthetic washing detergents.

Make-up removal: recipes for homemade cleansing cosmetics

Yeast mask: crumble 5 grams of fresh yeast, rub with a teaspoon of liquid honey and enough water to obtain a paste. Apply on face for 10 minutes, rinse with lukewarm water. The mask soothes irritations, cleanses and removes sebum.

Cucumber mask: Place thinly sliced ​​peeled fresh cucumber on face and neck. So that they do not slide off or dry out, cover them with moist gauze. Leave on face for 20 minutes. The mask tightens the pores and refreshes.

Pumpkin Mask: Mix 1/2 cup of blended pumpkin with 1/2 cup of natural yogurt. Set aside for 2 hours. Rub the resulting milk into your face in the morning and evening, then rinse with water. The mask perfectly cleanses the face.

Rosemary Sausage: Brew 5 tablespoons of dried rosemary herb. Lean your face over the sausage, cover your head with a towel. After 5 minutes, sprinkle the skin with mineral water. The sausage opens pores and cleanses the skin.

Lilac cleansing milk: Mix 2 tablespoons of elderberry tea with 2 tablespoons of milk. Wash your face with damp cotton pads.

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