Face volumetry ie modeling without a scalpel

Volumetric treatments with hyaluronic acid enable face modeling without scalpel intervention. Face volumetry allows you to raise the oval, increase its volume, restore skin density, and even correct the shape of the nose, mouth and cheekbones. What should you know before you decide to model your face without a scalpel?

Face volumetry, i.e. facial contour modeling, is designed to correct or restore the correct shape of the face. The face volumetry treatment involves the introduction of a filler based on hyaluronic acid, which increases the volume of soft tissues in places where the loss of adipose tissue is most visible. - The injection is performed under local anesthesia using a needle or cannula. The preparation fills the sunken volume of the cheeks, temples, jaw and chin area, allows you to emphasize the shape of the face and correct its profile. As a result, we obtain a uniform and, above all, natural result.

Face volumetry: why is it worth choosing?

The skin loses its firmness and elasticity with age. It becomes more and more flaccid and falls over time. Thus, the contour of the face changes. Volumetry helps to stop the signs of skin aging associated with loss of proper volume, even out the contours, fill sunken cheeks and raise the oval of the face. The use of hyaluronic acid also helps to restore the proper level of skin hydration and shallow wrinkles and furrows. Treatments are recommended for middle-aged and elderly people, but not only. Thanks to preparations intended for volumetry, we can freely model facial features - enlarge the lips, correct the shape of the nose or cheekbones.

Face volumetry: what filler?

Volumetric fillers are above all more dense and plastic than other preparations with hyaluronic acid - In volumetric treatments, products with high flexibility are used that enable free skin modeling such as Teosyal Ultimate. The preparation belongs to the range of the latest generation of filling implants. - It is a thick, very plastic gel, which also provides long-lasting effects (up to 18 months). In addition, it is distinguished by a large capacity, which gives greater opportunities to shape and improve the face contour. The volumetry treatment, like other treatments related to the injection of hyaluronic acid, is performed in aesthetic medicine offices only by specialized doctors.

Is facial volumetry safe?

Although the preparation is injected on the skin of the face, the treatment does not preclude normal functioning. - Redness, slight swelling or slight pain may appear at the place of application of the filler, but all these symptoms disappear on their own within 2-3 days. One should only remember to avoid excessive facial expression or touching and massaging injection sites for a few hours after leaving the office. A specialist in the field of aesthetic medicine also ensures that, contrary to the concerns of some patients, face volumetry is practically painless and, above all, safe, especially if we use new generation preparations which, due to their composition and properties, reduce the occurrence of any complications or side effects to a minimum. Volumetric treatments can also be combined with most treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. The procedures are available in the offer of professional aesthetic offices.