Hair Care In Mature Age

Hair care in mature age will be different than in the case of a teenager's hair. There are more and more specialized cosmetics and treatments that can help hair and restore its beautiful appearance. Check what are the rules of hair care in mature age!

  • Hair care in mature age: how does your hair age?
  • Mature hair care: what is it?
  • Hair care in mature age: home remedies
  • Hair care in mature age: diet
  • Hair care in mature age: professional treatments
  • Hair care in mature age - what should it consist of and what happens with the hair over the years?


    Hair care in mature age: how does your hair age?

    Gray hair is caused by the reduced secretion of melanin - the natural pigment of the hair. However, this is not the only sign of their aging, although we often think so. The first degenerative processes begin before the age of 30, but usually they progress so slowly that their effects only become visible after many years.

  • Gradually, the activity of genes responsible for the formation of keratin (the main building material of hair) weakens;
  • The sebaceous glands next to the hair follicles begin to produce less and less sebum (the hair becomes drier and brittle);
  • the amount of collagen produced in the body decreases and the efficiency of the hair follicles (hair is less anchored to the scalp and its growth rate slows down).
  • The changes resulting from the passage of time are also overlapped by the effects of hair care mistakes. That is why, in the end, there is always a moment when we have to admit that the hair has become thinner, and therefore it seems less dense than before, that it is drier, stiff and breaks easily, grows slower, but has a tendency to fall out, lacking it. shine and volume.

    Hair aging cannot be stopped because it is a normal physiological process related to, among others, with the body's hormonal balance. However, you can effectively slow it down, what's more, make the hair regain elasticity, shine, and even density.

    Mature hair care: what is it?

    The most important thing is daily care with properly selected cosmetics. Mature hair needs support, e.g. keratin and coenzyme Q10, which stimulates its production. They will also be helped by peptides, amino acids, collagen hydrolyzate, rejuvenating vitamin E, as well as oils and plant extracts that moisturize the scalp, provide the hair bulbs with nutrients, rebuild the hair structure and add volume.

    Wash your hair as often as required, because the accumulated sebum and other impurities make it difficult for the skin to breathe and nourish the hair follicles. Not only a well-chosen shampoo - the technique of hair washing is also important.

  • Spread a small amount of the cosmetic in your hands and apply to hair dampened with lukewarm water. Massage gently for 2-3 minutes - the massage improves the blood supply to the scalp, so what is valuable in the shampoo has a chance to penetrate the hair follicles. After rinsing and lightly drying your hair with a towel, apply the conditioner - first on the ends, which are usually the most damaged, and then use a comb with widely spaced teeth to distribute the cosmetic along the entire length of the hair. Do not apply to their roots or rub into the scalp, so as not to irritate it or provoke seborrhea. Finally, rinse your head with lukewarm water.
  • Hair care in mature age: home remedies

    At least once a week, put a mask on your hair - it contains more rebuilding and regenerating ingredients than usual. Choose preparations that contain highly moisturizing and regenerating ingredients - with proteins, nourishing oils, collagen, keratin.

    Apply the mask to freshly washed, damp hair - read the information on the packaging, some masks should also be massaged into the scalp. After spreading the cosmetic, you can wrap your head with foil and a warm towel - the scales will open in the heat and your hair will absorb more beneficial ingredients.

    Special strengthening treatments are also intended for mature, weakened and falling out hair. Most often, these are preparations containing patented plant-vitamin complexes with a strong effect - they rebuild the hair structure, improve the blood supply to the scalp and nourish the hair follicles.

    They are intended to be rubbed into the scalp - they improve microcirculation in it and stimulate the hair follicles, inhibit hair loss and stimulate their growth. Often they can be used for the day, on freshly washed hair - they do not weigh it down or increase sebum secretion. Such treatment should usually be carried out systematically for 3 months - after this time the effect can be really spectacular.

    Hair care in mature age: diet

    Effective regeneration does not end with the use of properly selected cosmetics - the health and appearance of hair is also greatly influenced by the diet. It is worth introducing to the menu more products containing vitamins and microelements that will help rebuild the hair structure - incl. zinc, copper, iron, B vitamins. You can also reach for preparations that will help your hair return to its good condition faster, eg with horsetail extracts.

    Hair care in mature age: professional treatments

    Aesthetic medicine offices also offer help for weakened hair. Scalp mesotherapy treatments give excellent results. They consist in injecting it with vitamin and mineral cocktails, selected depending on the needs - they can, for example, moisturize and nourish the scalp, inhibit hair loss.

    The procedure consisting in injecting the scalp with plasma from the patient's blood is based on a similar principle. It is prepared in such a way as to contain as many of the so-called growth factors that strongly stimulate the hair follicles, stimulate even those that have already been "dormant" - as a result, the hair regains its density and vitality.