How to clean makeup sponges

Having trouble cleaning your makeup sponges? Here are some interesting ways to clean your makeup sponge and keep them perfectly clean.

I think we all love make-up sponges - they are irreplaceable in applying foundation and concealer. However, this love weakens a little when it comes to the necessary cleaning... And it's not something to be missed - unwashed sponges, like brushes, quickly become a hotbed of potentially dangerous bacteria for our skin.

Almost every brand of make-up accessories offers a sponge cleaning liquid - this seems to be a good idea (theoretically, who, if not the manufacturer, should know how to properly wash their products?), But we often change our minds when looking at the price of such a product. The following cleaning methods are more economical and, importantly, no less effective.

How to clean a makeup sponge in a microwave?

This method is fast and very effective. Put the sponge in a small bowl with a little water (half a glass is enough), put it in the microwave and set the timer for 30 seconds. Allow the sponge to cool down and clean it with a mild baby shampoo above the sink. It will be clean like never before!

How to clean a sponge with washing-up liquid?

Instead of a brand-name product or a hair shampoo, you can successfully use a dishwashing liquid. Ideally, it should be a variant that is gentle on the skin of the hands. With its help, wash the sponge in the sink or in a separate bowl - you will clean it not only from the remnants of cosmetics, but also from the sebum coming from your mouth.

Olive oil to clean the sponge

This method is an extended variant of washing with the use of dishwashing liquid - instead of just detergent, we also use olive oil. How to do it? Pour a little dishwashing liquid onto a piece of aluminum foil and pour a similar amount of oil into it. Gently mix both liquids with your finger. Then we put a sponge to the mixture, pressing it so that it absorbs as much substance as possible. When it is soaked, wrap it in foil and move it to the sink to rinse with lukewarm water. After such cleaning, the sponge will not only be free from dirt, but also - thanks to the oil - less dried and more resistant to deterioration.