How to get Makeup out of clothes

Foundation stains are a common problem among women who do makeup every day. It is possible to remove the greasy stain from the foundation - you will need some washing up liquid or spirit.

The stain on clothes, especially at the neckline, is a common problem for women who make up their makeup. You don't have to throw away your stained clothes. Find out about our ways to remove foundation stains.

Dishwashing liquid for stains from undercoat

It is best at removing fresh undercoat stains. Apply a little lotion to the stain and rub in vigorously for a moment. Now just wash the garment according to the manufacturer's instructions and forget about the stain.

If the dirt has already dried, it is worth soaking the fabric in water with washing-up liquid beforehand.

This method works best with white and light-colored clothes. It's worth remembering that green dishwashing liquid may not be the best idea. It is much better to use a light-colored detergent.

Makeup remover for foundation stains

In fact, that's where you should start. The make-up remover is great at removing foundation from the face, so why not deal with a dirty blouse?

Just pour the make-up remover on the cotton pad and gently rub the fabric until the stain disappears. Then wash the garment according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

If you use a greasy make-up remover, you can do more harm than good. The lotion can be just plain greasy, and removing greasy stains can be even more difficult than removing foundation stains.

Spirit or extraction gasoline for stains from undercoat

The stain from the foundation can be cleaned with a cotton pad (or cloth) soaked in spirit or petroleum jelly.

However, test this method on an invisible piece of fabric, so as not to damage the clothes.

Gray soap for foundation stains

Gray soap can also be helpful in removing this type of dirt. Just soak the fabric, gently rub a little gray soap on the stain and rub it vigorously.

If this is not enough, it will be necessary to soak the garment in warm soapy water and leave it for 45-50 minutes. After this time, wash your favorite shirt or pants as always.

The use of gray soap for stain removal is a non-invasive way, you can get it at the drugstore, chemical store or pharmacy.

Hair conditioner for foundation stains

An interesting method of removing stains from the foundation is the use of ... hair conditioner. Place the dirty clothes on a towel and pour lukewarm water on the stain. Then rub the conditioner into the dirty area until the foam appears.

Leave the conditioner on the stain for 25-30 minutes, then wash the garment as usual.

If your foundation or fluid leaves long-lasting stains that are hard to remove, seriously consider changing your cosmetic. If the foundation is so bad for the fabric and it dyes it permanently, think how it works on your complexion and skin pores ... What's in it?