Large breasts  how to take care of large breasts

Large breasts require special care. To prevent premature sagging of large breasts, you need to exercise, sleep in a bra and enjoy cold showers. A large breast will look healthy if you take care of it properly.

If you have large breasts, keep them firm in youth. Don't wait until your breasts look unsightly.

Here are the most important rules that you should follow to keep your large breasts beautiful for longer:

1. Large breasts: pour cold water on your breasts daily

Start your morning breast care with a cold shower. If you can't stand the cool water all over your body, you can lean over the bathtub and only water the breasts until they turn red. After a dozen or so minutes, when the natural skin tone returns, rub the firming lotion into the breasts.

2. Big breasts: remember about proper posture

Even the most beautiful breasts will not look good if you are hunched over. So make sure you don't just stand upright. Whenever you sit, pull your shoulder blades down and pull your stomach in - this will result in a nice body posture in the future and prevent excessive bust drooping.

3. Large breasts: sleep in a bra

Sleeping on your stomach can deform your breasts. Unconscious squeezing and stretching of the breast to the sides causes stretching of the ligaments (the so-called Cooper ligaments, which give the breasts shape), which leads to distortion of the bust. Therefore, women with large breasts are advised to sleep in a bra. The best will be specially adapted sleep bras (without underwires and additional stiffeners).

4. Big breasts: be careful about losing weight

Remember that your breasts are made up mostly of fatty tissue. Quickly losing kilograms will make not only the stomach, but also the breasts smaller. For this reason, the skin on the breasts will not be as tight and supple anymore. And gaining weight again can cause unsightly stretch marks.

5. Big Breasts: Do the bust toning exercises

Proper exercise will prevent your breasts from sagging and drooping. One of the most effective exercises is to stretch your arms in front of you, bend them at your elbows, and press your hands against the wall as if you want to move it. You have to count to ten in this position. You can also do the so-called women's push-ups (on the knees) - performed regularly will improve the elasticity of the skin on the breasts. Repeating 5-10 series of exercises a day will bring a visible effect after just three weeks.

6. Large breasts: always wear a tight-fitting bra

The problem of many women is a badly fitting bra: cups are often too small and the circumference under the breasts too large. This is due to the fact that most Polish women buy bras in a standard size without using the services of a brafitter. This is a mistake! Especially if the breasts are large. In a well-chosen bra, the weight of the bust rests on the waist. If it is supported by shoulder straps, it will overburden the spine.

Cosmetics for the care of large breasts

It is true that the cosmetic will not lift the breasts, but it will improve the condition of the skin. It does not have to be a special breast cream, a good body lotion is enough.

Regularity is important - use the preparation at least once a day. When applying it, gently massage the skin (but without stretching).

Look for a cosmetic with a nourishing and firming effect. It should contain coenzyme Q10, vitamin E, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, algae extract. Avoid hot water, sharp peelings, tanning your breasts.

Clothes for women with large breasts

The problem with large breasts is also a problem with clothes. Ladies complain that every trip for a blouse, jacket or dress is an ordeal. In order to fit the bust, they have to reach for clothes several sizes larger, the effects of which are deplorable.

So often, in order not to wear clothes in which buttons diverge on the bust, they are doomed to wear only knitted blouses that extend over the bust and fit around the waist. Fortunately, there are already brands available that use sizes that take into account different sizes of the bust with the same dimensions of the waist and hips (e.g. Polish Biu Biu, Urkye, English Pepperberry).

This means that there are several sizes, e.g. 38 with different breast sizes: 38B, 38BB, 38BBB. Thanks to this, the clothes fit the bust and fit the figure without making it thicker. The offer of "busty" brands includes shirts, blouses, sweaters, jackets, coats, dresses.