How To Take Care Of Your Skin In Winter Practical Advice

How to take care of your skin in winter? This question is important above all (but not only) for women with delicate skin - in winter the temperature differences are very large, and the skin is exposed not only to frost and wind, but also the drying effects of heating and air conditioning. So how to take care of your skin in winter?

How to take care of your skin in winter? It is difficult because minus temperatures, cool wind, snow and frost do not have a good effect on our skin and cause loss of our own water and excessive skin drying.

In winter, people with sensitive skin or couperose skin suffer from burning pain, and sometimes from broken capillaries. Constant changes of place cause reddening of the skin and hypersensitivity. Similarly, air conditioning in the office and car - it dries the skin very much, and if not cleaned, it can leave dust on it and cause an allergic reaction.

Better to prevent freezing as the effects are hardly reversible. When dried, it looks older than it really is and absorbs ingredients contained in cosmetics more slowly. In this way, its water management is deregulated, and the only salvation may be a visit to a dermatologist. In turn, frost-cracked vessels can only be closed by a beautician during laser treatment, and in this situation, no home method will help us.

How to care for your skin in winter: choosing a cream

The best day cream is a cream that will lubricate the skin. Its composition should include paraffin, petroleum jelly, olive oil or beeswax. Natural ingredients can do much more than we think. They protect the stratum corneum and the skin's hydro-lipid coat, and it is in winter that these places dehydrate the fastest. They are not expensive, so you can find this type of cream for as little as $10.

Do you need sunscreen in winter?

Yes, also in winter the skin needs protection against UV radiation. Only people who commute to work by car and hardly stay outside when it is cold, can give up such a cream.

For the city, the best cream with an SPF factor of 5 to 15. A trip to the mountains and a stay on a slope where the snow reflects the sun strongly requires even three times more protection. There it is the turn of the SPF 30 cream, and for the skin with a very light shade, SPF 50.

How to care for your skin in winter: lip protection

Winter is a difficult time for the lips. Dried by frost, then they are moistened with saliva, which in combination with the negative temperature results in chapping. In addition, the secretion from the mouth contains acidic enzymes responsible for the breakdown of food, so this method of moisturizing only worsens the condition of frozen lips. Lips are best lubricated every hour with lipstick with beeswax or greasy cream. Home and shop masks or pure honey will help to regenerate.

How to care for your skin in winter: hand protection

The basic protection for the hand was and will always be gloves. If you forget about them or, despite wearing them, the skin on your hands is frostbitten, cracks and bleeds, don't panic. Lubricate it several times a day with a mixture of castor oil, cooking butter and milk.

It's better to leave light moisturizing creams for the summer and reach for greasy ointments from the pharmacy or shea butter. In the evening, you can treat your hands to a coarse-grained scrub and a bath with olive oil (approx. 15 minutes). Then thoroughly rub the cream with petroleum jelly into the skin, put on cosmetic gloves and go to bed.

How to care for your skin in winter: home remedies

Recipe for a regenerating face mask

Recipe for brown sugar hand scrub


Preparation method: Mix white sugar with brown sugar. Then add the olive oil and mix until the ingredients are completely combined. Use the peeling gently so as not to damage the epidermis.

Recipe for white hand scrub with cream


Preparation method: Mix all ingredients thoroughly. Do the peeling over the sink, do not forget to peel your fingers and also around the nails.

Recipe for hand scrub with egg


Preparation: Beat one egg yolk with a teaspoon of olive oil and honey. Add a tablespoon of sugar to the prepared base and mix thoroughly. Peel your hands for about 5 minutes. Use Scrubu once, as the yolk it contains deteriorates quickly.