How To Wash Your Hands Hand Washing Instructions

Look at your hands. Do you think they are clean? It's an illusion! Each centimeter of your hands is home to up to 5 million bacteria, including pathogenic microorganisms. Only frequent and proper hand washing can destroy them and thus prevent the development of the disease! We suggest step by step how to do it.

Some of the bacteria that live on the skin of the hands are harmless. physiological microflora that does not cause any disease symptoms. But it is also easy to find bacteria, parasites and pathogenic fungi on the hands. Among them there can be coli bacteria, salmonella, pinworm eggs, tapeworm, but also 2019-nCov coronavirus particles, which is transmitted by droplets, i.e. through contact with the secretions of an infected person.

Every day our hands touch thousands of different surfaces (table, desk, computer, door and window handles, etc.), from which pathogens "pick up". We shake our hands in greeting, we squeeze them in a gesture of consolation, we use them to gesticulate in the vicinity of other people - often already infected. So our hands get soiled every now and then in a visible and - more dangerous - invisible way.

Experts compare dirty hands to a "biological bomb" that can be disarmed by one simple act: washing your hands properly! Meanwhile, scientists from the Michigan State University (USA) conducted a study that showed that as much as 15 percent. men and 7 percent. women do not wash their hands at all after leaving the toilet, let alone in other everyday situations, e.g. before eating a meal or after contact with a sick person. Moreover, those who wash their hands do it too briefly, without using soap.

How to wash your hands Detailed instruction

IMPORTANT! Before washing your hands, remove your watch, bracelets, and rings, then:

Why do you need to wash your hands for thirty seconds, not with water alone, but with soap and water? The photos that the American actress Kristen Bell posted on her Instagram are best explained. In a series of photos taken under UV light, you can clearly see how clean the hands are when washed with water alone compared to those washed with soapy water for six, fifteen, thirty seconds. See and judge for yourself.

It turns out that each of us washes our hands for an average of 5 seconds. It's too short! Hand hygiene takes about 30 seconds. Research has shown that in the first 15 seconds, 90 percent die. bacteria, little else is needed to get rid of all germs.

How many times a day do you have to wash your hands?

Many times, and for sure:

Don't risk infection! Don't touch your eyes, nose and mouth area with unwashed hands!