Lions Wrinkle How To Get Rid Of It Home Remedies And More

A lion's wrinkle is a vertical furrow between the eyebrows that appears around the age of 30. It especially concerns people - women and men - with expressive facial expressions and those who are often nervous and tense. Can a lion's wrinkle disappear? Find out what aesthetic medicine treatments will eliminate a lion's wrinkle, and learn about home remedies on how to get rid of a lion's wrinkle!

The lion's wrinkle affects both women and men. One, two or more vertical furrows between the eyebrows appear in some people after the age of 20, in others as late as in their forties.

It depends on many factors, including genetic conditions, how we care for our skin or what lifestyle we lead. People who live under a lot of stress and tension earlier may develop lion's wrinkles because they often tighten the musculus corrugator supercilii, pulling them towards themselves.

Interestingly, the way we ... sleep can also affect the formation of a lion's wrinkle. When we sleep on our side, sometimes just by placing our head on the pillow we create a crease between the eyebrows. Lion's wrinkle, like most wrinkles, deepens with age, which is related to the fact that over time the collagen fibers weaken and the skin loses its firmness.

Lion's wrinkle: how to prevent?

Well, a lion's wrinkle is caused by frequent frowning of the forehead. If we didn't, our brow would be smoother. However, you would have to start thinking about it in your teens or twenties. And then nobody thinks about things as abstract as wrinkles!

Anyway, mastering facial expressions is not too easy. When we get nervous, worry, focus heavily on something or think intensely, our forehead wrinkles and that's it. In stressful moments, we don't really analyze our appearance. So - if someone has such and not another facial expression, it is unlikely to prevent the appearance of a lion's wrinkle. And can it be eliminated then? There are several ways to significantly smooth out a lion's wrinkle.

Lion's wrinkle: how to get rid of it?

Homemade ways

Facial yoga, massage

Yoga or facefitness - they may sound boisterous, but they're very simple exercises. At the outer ends of the eyebrows, place your index and middle fingers. Gently stretch the skin sideways until you feel tension between your eyebrows. Slowly count to ten and release.

Then place both index fingers on the wrinkle muscle and move them towards the outer ends of the eyebrows in a massaging motion. Do this also ten times.

Another effective exercise for smoothing out a lion's wrinkles is "massaging" the circles between the eyebrows. Use the index and middle fingers to make back and forth, circular movements up to ten. Do this exercise or massage every day before going to bed. You can do this while applying the cream. The application of moisturizing cosmetics will support the skin firming process, smooth the wrinkle and visibly shallow it.

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Sleeping on your back

Sleeping on your side causes the skin on the face to slide down under the influence of gravity, and a furrow forms between the eyebrows. So if you don't want the wrinkles to deepen, learn to sleep on your back. Then the face will be straightened and relaxed, and the forehead will be relaxed and smooth.


When it hits the sun, we automatically blink our eyes and form wrinkles around them. So if you are outside on sunny days, don't forget to wear sunglasses. They protect not only the eyes, but also the forehead, which you do not have to wrinkle thanks to them.


Homemade mixtures from the products available in the kitchen are great for the complexion in general, and therefore also for lion's wrinkle. In order to smooth the furrow, the skin should be moisturized and firmed. Dry and thin skin wrinkles more easily. To prepare a homemade mask, you can use olive oil, yoghurt, buttermilk, cucumbers (organic or home garden, because "shop" vegetables in foil contain a lot of pesticides and other chemical substances that are not necessarily good for our skin), rice (which stimulates collagen production).

Rice mask - mix 3 tablespoons of cooked rice, preferably untreated, as it contains much more valuable vitamins and minerals, with 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of warm milk. Put the resulting paste on your face and leave it for 20 minutes. Do this treatment at least once a week.


Eat healthy, remember that your meals are rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals. Eat lots of vegetables, but don't forget about meat as well. Animal protein is very important here. For the sake of a beautiful and smooth complexion, you should set aside highly processed products, any chips, sweetened and carbonated drinks and sweets. These products most often "come out" on our face, and this is manifested by blackheads, redness, etc. Proper hydration is very important. Moisturized skin is a firm, elastic skin that is less prone to wrinkles.

Anti-wrinkle creams

Anti-wrinkle creams will also help to fight the lion's wrinkle. Choose those with strong effects, preferably with vitamin C, retinol and, of course, hyaluronic acid, which repairs collagen fibers and binds water molecules inside the skin. Thus, it prevents the skin from drying out and regenerates the epidermis.

Collagen itself is also the ingredient of creams that interest us while fighting the lion's wrinkle. Products containing sea algae extracts will also work here. They work by filling the defects in the epidermis and restoring the proper functioning of cells. Algae inhibit the processes of dying off and make the skin more elastic. It is very important to choose cosmetics according to our age.

aesthetic medicine

This is a more radical solution, but the effects of these methods are much clearer. The lion's wrinkle can be reduced with Botox and hyaluronic acid. Botulinum toxin blocks the secretion of acetylcholine, responsible for transmitting nerve impulses to the muscles, i.e. it weakens muscle contraction, thanks to which the skin on the forehead does not tighten so much. Additionally, you can smooth the furrow with hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid works great on a lion's wrinkle. Even when it is absorbed, it will have time to stimulate the skin to produce collagen on its own, which will improve the appearance of the forehead for a long time - even for 18 months (botox works for about 6 months).

Botox is used in people who are under 65 years of age. Hyaluronic acid is used in the elderly, who already have deep and fixed lion wrinkles. Of course, it can also be used in younger people in whom botox did not bring a satisfactory effect.

Aesthetic medicine has one more weapon to fight the lion's wrinkle, and it is a fractional laser. Its use gives the effect even for several years. What is this method about? The laser rays lead to the formation of microdamages, thanks to which regenerative processes are launched in the skin. As a result, this leads to the multiplication of cells, which then fill the wrinkles between the eyebrows.