Taking Care of Neck and Decolletage

The skin of the neck and décolleté is particularly demanding, especially in mature women. Requires cosmetics, rich in regenerating and nutritional ingredients.

Almost devoid of sebaceous glands, the skin of the neck and neckline is much thinner and more delicate. In the summer, usually discovered, it is easily exposed to sunlight, which dries it and accelerates the aging process. The delicate skin of the neck and décolleté is also irritated by clothing. All this means that in these places the body slackens faster and loses elasticity. And there usually, earlier than on the face, wrinkles appear. So that the neck does not reveal the age of a mature woman, she should moisturize her several times a day, in the evening use a special regenerating and anti-wrinkle cream, and at least once a week fund her firming massage.

A good cosmetic for the neck and neckline is half the battle

Preparations for neck and cleavage care are not an unnecessary luxury. The sooner we start using them, the longer we will keep young look. The right cream is not only to moisturize and nourish the skin, but also to strengthen and tone it. It is also important that it is well absorbed and, despite many nutrients, has a light texture and is not greasy. Creams used in summer for the day should contain protective filters.

When the signs of aging of the neck and décolletage become more and more visible, it is worth seeking help from a professional. The beautician may propose moisturizing collagen masks, treatments with the use of sea algae or so-called minilift, a firming mask that tightens and oxygenates the skin. The best results are given by a whole series of treatments (usually about 6 - 8), but even one will make the skin on the neck and neckline regain a nice color and become more firm, tense and moisturized.

Taking Care of Decolltage

How to apply the cream to the neck and décolleté

Always in the direction from the neckline to the chin. Thanks to this, we improve capillary circulation and prevent sagging skin. Massage the cosmetic on the left side of the neck with the right hand and the left on the opposite. We smooth the skin with an open hand, gently, especially around the thyroid gland. However, near the mandible, lightly patting the cream, "pull" the skin up. We rub the cosmetic into the neckline in circular motions, starting from the inside and ending around the armpits. Wrinkles also appear on the sides and back of the neck, so do not forget about these places during care treatments.

Home neck and cleavage care

Cold compresses or compresses bring rapid improvement in the appearance of the neck and neckline. You have to wrap the ice cube with a thin foil and massage the skin with very gentle circular movements, moving your hand from the neckline towards the chin. This massage should last no longer than 2-3 minutes so as not to cool the body too much. As a result, the skin looks much better moisturized and elastic. Once a week, it is worth doing a neck and cleavage peeling, using delicate preparations. After such a treatment, the skin deprived of horny, dead cells absorbs skin care cosmetics faster and better. It is worth applying a nourishing and firming mask on it.