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The Best Ways for Young and Well-Groomed Skin of the Body

With age, the skin produces less and less collagen and elastin, and thus becomes less firm. However, we usually fight the aging of facial skin, and this process also applies to body skin. How to make her look young as long as possible?

How to Delay the Skin Aging Process

The first signs of passing time are visible on the skin. They are most quickly visible on the neck and decollete, but most often we fight those on the face. You are trying to fight the signs of skin aging at all costs, and scientists and cosmetologists are giving you an increasingly better weapon for this fight.

Mature Skin - Characteristics and Care for Aging Skin

Mature skin - is it already? From what point can we say that the skin is mature and needs increased attention? Find out about the characteristics of mature skin and learn how to care for it.