How to Delay the Skin Aging Process

The first signs of passing time are visible on the skin. They are most quickly visible on the neck and décolleté, but most often we fight those on the face. You are trying to fight the signs of skin aging at all costs, and scientists and cosmetologists are giving you an increasingly better weapon for this fight.

Although genes are primarily responsible for the skin's aging process, daily care determines its appearance and condition. So if even your grandmother and mother got wrinkles quite quickly, you can enjoy smooth skin much longer. Your weapon is cosmetics. A good cream can provide the skin with what it needs most at a given stage of life, compensate for the deficiencies of those ingredients whose production decreases with age, or provide substances that stimulate their production. And thus slow down the appearance of wrinkles or reduce existing ones. But to choose the right cosmetic, you must first learn about the changes in the skin and its needs.

Inevitable changes - skin aging process

The skin begins to get old soon after the twentieth birthday! Already then the level of hormones affecting, among others, begins to decrease. for cell regeneration. However, the main culprits for accelerated aging are free radicals - destructive particles formed under the influence of UV rays, exhaust gases, cigarette smoke, and stress. They cause damage to the structure of proteins and lipids, as well as collagen and elastin fibers. Initially, the damage is hardly visible, because the skin is constantly renewing - within 28 days, new cells replace old ones. But over time, this regeneration cycle gets longer. One of the first signs of skin aging is its dryness - as a result, elasticity decreases and fine wrinkles appear, the fastest around the eyes and mouth. Gradually, the skin becomes thinner, but the stratum corneum becomes thicker and rough. Melanin secretion is disturbed and pigmentation spots appear, capillary circulation changes, leading to capillary fragility. Elastin and collagen fibers are subject to degradation and gradual atrophy, sebaceous and sweat gland activity decreases, which deepens dry skin and creates deep wrinkles.

Youth cocktails will delay the skin's aging process All skin undergoes aging, but for most women the most important changes are on the face. Although the passage of time is the fastest to be seen on the neck and décolleté, face care products are the largest item in cosmetics expenditure. So what should the cream contain to delay adverse skin processes and repair its damage?

After thirty

- choose cosmetics rich in compounds that neutralize free radicals, e.g. compositions of vitamin A, C, E. Also desirable are ingredients that retain water in the epidermis and restore water-lipid balance, e.g. glycerin, hyaluronic acid, glycerol. Also look for fatty substances sealing the epidermis. They are often ceramides, vegetable oils. In night creams, coenzyme Q10 and retinol, which stimulate skin renewal, are desirable. However, the obligatory component of day creams - regardless of age - are sunscreens, because it is mainly UV rays that are responsible for premature wrinkles.

After forty

- it is also worth looking for fruit acids and vitamin A derivatives (retinoids), because they increase cell renewal and facilitate the absorption of care substances, even out skin tone. Proteins and peptides can also help in the renewal. Although they will not completely smooth out deep wrinkles, they will increase skin tone and stimulate the production of collagen fibers.

After fifty

- phytohormones (e.g. soybean genistein, folacin) are good support. They supplement estrogen deficiency in the skin, improve its hydration and tone. Collagen and fruit acids are also valuable. It is also worth looking for creams with calcium (they will improve the skin structure) and of course a set of antioxidants.

After sixty

- choose creams enriched with soy protein. They strengthen the lipid barrier, smooth out, inhibit the absorption of substances toxic to the skin. The desired ingredient is also hyaluronic acid (strongly moisturizes) and caffeine (it regulates blood microcirculation). In night creams, it is worth looking for fruit acids and retinol, which brighten pigmentation spots and activate the restoration of healthy cells.

Daily ritual will slow down aging

The skin does not like soap because it destroys the lipid coat and dries the skin. Therefore, for washing your face, use empsy without soap, micellar fluid or lotion and tonic. Do evening makeup removal so that your skin can regenerate overnight. Renewal processes are most intense between midnight and 6am. So use very nourishing creams at night. The thin skin around the eyes requires special care. Cosmetics with a light consistency, e.g. with retinol, which gives a smoothing and brightening effect, are intended for her care.


Sometimes, depending on the needs of the skin, it is worth reaching for a cosmetic containing concentrated nutrients and moisturizers - serum or disposable ampoules. Home microdermabrasion also gives good results. This is a type of intensive peeling, after which the skin better absorbs rejuvenating substances from creams and masks.

Hair also gets older

How to Delay Hair Aging

The number of hair bulbs is gradually decreasing. Usually after forty, the hair becomes dull, weaker, brittle, pigment gradually disappears and gray appears. Graying accelerates hair exposure to the sun, unhealthy diet, stress (cells that produce dyes originate from the nervous system and stimuli received by the nervous system, such as tension and stress, respond to disorders in their production). After the age of 50, some women have excessive chin hair, in men on the ears and nose. This is the result of hormonal disorders. Eyebrows and eyelashes are cut.