Naturalium Fresh Skin Dead Sea Minerals body
Naturalium Fresh Skin Dead Sea Minerals body

Naturalium Fresh Skin Dead Sea Minerals

Detoxifying body scrub

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xNaturalium Fresh Skin Dead Sea Minerals body

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The Naturalium brand, which is part of the portfolio of the Spanish company Beauty Emotions, deals with the supply of high-quality cosmetic preparations to the market. Each of them is an expression of a desire for simplicity and a return to nature. Naturalium products have gained fame mainly due to compelling fragrances that evoke memories and evoke extremely positive emotions.
In this connection, it should be mentioned that the Naturalium brand offer includes several thematic series - for example coconut, mango and others. Naturalium products are easy to use and quickly act. They contain argan, almond, shea butter and other proven ingredients.
Naturalium cosmetics are extremely effective and safe. What's more, their regular use will not significantly affect your budget. An interesting fact is that Beauty Emotions supports the non-profit organization World Vision, which helps children suffering from poverty.
The Naturalium brand will certainly interest everyone who wants to emphasize their uniqueness, is looking for quality at a reasonable price and willingly contributes to activities that are good for others.

Naturalium fresh skin dead sea minerals body peeling will remove dead cells from the skin and provide its perfect softness.


How to use:
Moisten the skin and massage with gentle, circular movements. Then rinse thoroughly.

Skin type - for all skin types
Effect - detoxification
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The candle smells amazing I just had to buy it. The only thing the scent isn’t strong i can’t even smell it.


The cream is very good, it spreads well and gives a good effect, it's great.


It has a beautiful smell, I am very pleased, I recommend it


A brilliant whole series. The hair has become more fluffy, it has more volume, I have no difficulty combing at all. The scent of the shampoo is very delicate and pleasant