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Does Straightening and Drying Damage the Hair?

How to dry and straighten hair so as not to damage it? Learn how to easily take care of your hair so that hot styling does not involve drying and split ends.

How to Regenerate Skin and Hair Damaged by the Sun

The sun gives us a lot: it relaxes, improves the mood, makes the appearance more attractive. But it can also harm our skin and hair, drying and leaving all kinds of discoloration. Do you know how to help them?

How to Delay the Skin Aging Process

The first signs of passing time are visible on the skin. They are most quickly visible on the neck and decollete, but most often we fight those on the face. You are trying to fight the signs of skin aging at all costs, and scientists and cosmetologists are giving you an increasingly better weapon for this fight.

Five Ways to Stop Male Pattern Baldness

Every third man aged 25-40 begins to go bald. It is worth taking action early to save as much hair as possible. We present effective methods for male pattern baldness.

Hair Dyeing Step by Step

Do you want to change your appearance? Dye your hair. You don't need to radically change the shade right away - just darken or lighten it by a few tones. We suggest how to dye your hair so that the effect is successful.

Mists, Conditioners and Masks for Hair

Hair is sensitive to the weather, does not like wind, frost, heating. The sun in particular makes them brittle and difficult to style. But with the help of conditioners and masks, they will shine again with full shine. We present cosmetics for intensive hair care.