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Collistar Self Tanners body

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Concentrated facial tanner

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mega powerful self tanner, probably one of the best two I've had faces. Beautiful tan but delicate - still visible after 1 application - looks like natural browning in the sun. It spreads great, no problems, doesn't smog or streaks. I just add about 3-4 drops to argan oil which I pour earlier into the hollow of my hand and spread on the neck and neckline. I really give him 10/10 points

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The product surprised me pleasantly. After an hour you can see the effects it gives. The skin is evenly tanned and the color is even. It has no intense smell. Does not clog pores or burden the skin. It makes the skin feel velvety smooth. As for the descent of the self-tanner, it is even and does not leave any spots on the face. recommend


A very good product. It does not dye blond hair, it evenly stains and washes off in the same way. I have very light skin with redness and after using the product I do not have to use a foundation - it evenens the color.


I was always afraid of facial tanning agents for fear of clogging pores. However, I decided to buy this product and I do not regret this decision. It provides me with a beautiful, even tan without stains and streaks, and without clogging pores.


I have used many face tanning preparations but this one is the best. There is no chance to get a stain on your face. It gives the effect of sun-kissed skin and has strong care properties.


One of the best facial tanners. Does not leave streaks, spreads beautifully. The skin looks healthy and sun-kissed, without actually affecting its health. In addition, it has moisturizing properties. Cool!


The product leaves a beautiful subtle natural tan so that even my skin looks very healthy and slightly "colored" in winter. The tan is not intrusive and does not look artificial thanks to which I feel very comfortable alone and much more confident than if I had not used it


I was interested in his appearance, such a dark liquid in a glass container. That's why I was tempted to buy it and now I use it regularly gives the skin a nice healthy slightly tanned look. The effect can of course be graded. recommend


Sensational product, does not dry the skin, gives a natural shade of tan, delicate color.


The best !! just use once and the skin takes on a radiant color. Very efficient, leaves no streaks. RECOMMEND


It smells beautiful, moisturizes and gives the color a natural tan. In a word, a really great product!


Collistar perfumes collistar cosmetics - collistar was originally only a branch of an italian pharmaceutical company. In 1983, daniel sacerdote headed it and led him in a completely different direction. Currently, this brand's products can be bought in approximately 2,500 perfumeries and shopping centers in italy, and in over 3,000 stores abroad. The company's philosophy is simple - offering excellent quality and effective cosmetics at competitive prices. Collistar can boast of being able to meet the needs of even the most demanding clients from various target groups - young people, the elderly, people with sensitive or very dry skin. Collistar has achieved many successes thanks to this approach. Is a leading italian perfume manufacturer that has created a whole series of revolutionary products - face serum capsules, compact bronzing powder and other unique cosmetics. One of them, nourishing supermoisturizing compact cream, was exhibited at the national museum of science and technology. Leonardo da vinci in milan. Not surprisingly, in some strategic segments (anti-cellulite preparations, cosmetics for men, anti-aging cosmetics, etc.) collistar has gained a huge market share. For example, the aromatherapy collection or tanning sprays are very popular. Collistar also introduces innovations in the area of ​​marketing. As the first brand in the world to promote cosmetics, it used an advertising campaign in the so-called "editorial style." her websites resemble printed catalogs in terms of style and content - they contain photographs, detailed descriptions and, of course, prices. The collistar brand will appeal to all those who want to try the best italian perfumes, are looking for the best and effective cosmetics, have cellulite or other skin problems.

All you need is just a few drops and your skin will instantly get a beautiful golden shade that turns into an intense, radiant tan in less than an hour.

Collistar Self Tanners self-tanning concentrate contains an innovative ingredient DHA Rapid, which reduces the time needed to obtain an even and natural-looking bronze, without undesirable stains. In addition, it is enriched with vitamin E and corn derivatives that improve skin hydration and have an anti-age effect.


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How to use:
Apply a few drops of Collistar Self Tanners self-tanning concentrate evenly to a clean, dry face, neck and cleavage. Wash your hands thoroughly after application.

Skin type - for all skin types
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Absolutely love this product. I have very sensitive skin, but I have not experienced any break outs. It smooths, lightens and covers my blemishes. Love, love, love it :-)



I really want to like it, however,it makes my skin feel weird. Like it cant breathe and feels dry. Also, it starts to get little tiny clumpy balls on my face. I cant buy this product again.