L’Oréal Professionnel Pro Fiber Re-Create hair
L’Oréal Professionnel Pro Fiber Re-Create hair
L’Oréal Professionnel Pro Fiber Re-Create hair

L’Oréal Professionnel Pro Fiber Re-Create

Mask for sensitive hair

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xL’Oréal Professionnel Pro Fiber Re-Create hair

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Very good mask, great smell, hair after it in combination with shampoo are much softer and smoother. It is simply very intensive care. Maybe I don't have my hair as damaged as I thought, and it seems to me that regular use is a bit of a burden. I would prefer to have a conditioner, which unfortunately this series doesn't have (I hope it will be one day).

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I am very happy with the mask, I use it together with shampoo, and my hair is nicely regenerated, moisturized and shiny.


I straighten my hair regularly, so I need a shampoo and mask to really nourish them. I am fully satisfied with the ProFiber brand, although I have difficult hair, the ProFiber series always helps me. Hair looks healthy and shiny, it doesn't break, and I don't even have a problem with split ends.


Beautifully healthy and shiny hair. Great for damaged hair. I was used to investing a little more money in masks, and even with this mask, the investment did not disappoint me


I use this care with shampoo for 3 weeks and I see improvement with every wash. I wouldn't go back to cheap shampoo.


A super regenerating mask with an amazing fragrance. Hair is beautifully flexible and moisturized. First, I applied 1-2 times a week, and after improvement I only need 2 times a month.


I rarely give an opinion, but this mask really suits me, after the first use I see a visible difference!


Hair looks shiny and moisturized! recommend


My friend recommended me a Pro Fiber mask as a novelty for my weak hair and I must say that I am very pleased. In addition, it smells nice :)


It smells beautiful and works very well on my damaged hair.


Deep regeneration and nutrition is a characteristic feature of this line. I hope that the brittleness of my hair will decrease after prolonged use - I have been using it for about a week.


L’oréal professionnel is a french premium brand with many years of tradition, offering hair care cosmetics. it is part of the well-known world company l’oréal, which was founded in 1909 by eugène schueller. this young chemist developed a special formula for hair dyeing, which quickly gained popularity among parisian hairdressers. today, for over a hundred years, the brand has been helping its clients discover their individual beauty and add confidence.

L’Oréal Professionnel products are developed using the latest, innovative technologies in cooperation with the best hairdressers.

The extensive portfolio of the brand includes products for professional hair care, such as hair dyes, styling preparations, but also L'Oréal Professionnel shampoos, masks and other hair cosmetics used by hairdressers and stylists worldwide. . L’Oréal Professionnel hair cosmetics guarantee the best care possible for your hair.

The brand is present at significant global fashion shows, creating new trends. Discover the secret of beautiful hair, take care of it professionally with L’Oréal Professionnel.

The l’oréal professionnel pro fiber hair mask is an irreplaceable treatment in the hair care ritual. Give them a moment of regeneration, for which they will repay you with their vitality and beauty.


Apply to damp hair washed with shampoo. Leave as much time as possible on the hair, then rinse thoroughly.

Scalp type - all types of scalp
Hair Type - normal hair, damaged hair
Effect - regeneration, nutrition
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How i can found this I. Jordan


It's one of my favourite perfumes, however I wish the fragrance were stronger, I like perfumes to smell stronger, to be perceived from a meter distance. This one keeps close the skin, you can only sense it if you get close to the skin. Other than that, I'm fully happy with this perfume, it smells very good, I wear it all the time :)