I Heart Revolution Dragons Dare makeup
I Heart Revolution Dragons Dare makeup
I Heart Revolution Dragons Dare makeup
I Heart Revolution Dragons Dare makeup
I Heart Revolution Dragons Dare makeup

I Heart Revolution Dragons Dare

Lip stick.

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xI Heart Revolution Dragons Dare makeup

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Packaging - insane. It twists easily, nothing sticks, is durable, does not damage, does not break. I am captivated by the range of colors. The colors I have are well pigmented. Lipsticks are easy to apply, the texture is very creamy and grabs lips nicely. They are easy to use, they give advice even without liner. they do not smudge, they stay in the place where we will leave them. For good money.

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Revelation ... Great colors ... Very intensely coloring and lasting lipstick. I would highly recommend.


Wonderful lipstick ... very durable and thus will not wear out quickly. The colors are juicy and deep. I would highly recommend


A great lipstick that has the most important feature, and it is very durable. I definitely recommend it.


I like it, it's difficult to apply, but otherwise it's okay. Holds up a long time. I can recommend it, the price is favorable.


Lipstick surprised me very nice. It has a pleasant smell, does not dry lips and is well pigmented. I will definitely try different shades.


Lipstick great, durable, interesting color. Another successful purchase. I would recommend.


Cool. It stays on for a long time Flame. He will stay with me for a long time. :)


Ania Before applying the lipstick, I first apply the balm and then apply the lipstick with a brush. The result is wonderful! I really like the smell of lipstick and also modern design. In addition to these advantages, it quickly and strongly colors, you do not need many layers. Low price, I'm very happy !!!


I love the clear shades on my lips and this lipstick is one of my favorites. It doesn't go too fast when eating and drinking. This is one of the products you must have! Creamy matt, intense pigmentation and very good price!


Lipstick by I Heart Revolution looks great on the lips. The durability is quite good, it covers nicely and has a very pleasant delicate smell. I bought the Prophecy shade and it goes perfectly with the tanned face. I would recommend!


Cosmetics i heart revolution is the dream of every fan of makeup and sweets. Radiant colors, charming packaging, the hottest trends from the world of beauty go hand in hand with high quality and affordable price - these cosmetic sweets are simply impossible not to love.

I Heart Revolution draws on almost 30 years of experience in the cosmetics industry of its parent brand, Makeup Revolution London. It reacts faster to the current events in the world of beauty than others, and in this way creates such revolutionary products that in every detail indicate the passion and professionalism of its creators.

If you are a true lover of make-up, in your beautician should not miss the legendary palette I Heart Revolution Chocolate or the iconic heart-shaped highlighter. Don't be afraid to express your passion through makeup and add a little style to your makeup!

Lipstick i heart revolution dragons dare will beautifully highlight your lips and perfectly complement everyday and evening makeup.


How to use:
Apply lipstick with gentle strokes to the lips from the inside towards the corners.

Effect - satin
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Feels wonderful on your face, very light, moisturizing, you don’t know you’re wearing it. Eavens out the complexion and is just fantastic for people with clear skin that just needs a bit of luminesence. 10/10


Good price for a good quality. But while opening the perfume bottle, the cap is squeaking loudly. Its the best to spray it max 2,3 times. Not more, not less


My favourite parfume. I am allergic to most parfums but this one is nice.