Swiss Arabian Royal Mystery women's perfumes
Swiss Arabian Royal Mystery women's perfumes
Swiss Arabian Royal Mystery women's perfumes

Swiss Arabian Royal Mystery

Eau de parfum for women

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xSwiss Arabian Royal Mystery women's perfumes

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The Swiss Arabian brand was created in 1974 and to this day we will find one of the most popular Arabic perfumes under this name. The production of oriental fragrances takes place today in cooperation with the well-known Swiss company Givaudan Roure, which is one of the most valued suppliers of luxury ingredients and materials necessary for the production of perfumes. He also runs the world-famous outstanding perfume school.
Beautiful aromas reminiscent of exotic countries are placed in refined bottles that decorate any dressing table. Sensual scents emphasize the beauty and charm of women as well as masculinity, pride and harsh beauty of men. Try the luxurious aroma of the exotic!

Swiss arabian royal mystery eau de parfum is an irresistibly tempting and unique fragrance that will dazzle you with its intensity and the air of luxury.

Heart - rose, freesia
Head - melon, pear
Base - Musk, Rhubarb, Amber, Patchouli
Fragrance groups - fruity, chypre
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A lovely unsmoked tobacco fragrance. Some clove to start then a smooth tobacco. great stuff


smells very good and you will get many compliments


My boyfriend says my face smells like poop after I wash my face with this. Incredible!


With this i got all my severe hair loss.This is very bad..😡😡😡i was having a miner loss but after using this i had sever that u people can't imagine. Even combing showering. Is getting worse due😡 to scared i dont combe now😭😭😭😭😭😭


Это лучшее средство!а запах бомба просто!!!