Ziaja Med Protecting UVA + UVB body
Ziaja Med Protecting UVA + UVB body

Ziaja Med Protecting UVA + UVB

Matting sunscreen for the face spf 50+

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xZiaja Med Protecting UVA + UVB body

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Ziaja Med is a brand that was founded in 1989 in Gdańsk. Its philosophy is simple - it is to offer the highest quality at a reasonable price. Ziaja Med is based on the fact that it invests considerable resources in research and development. It has three own laboratories in which it employs experienced chemists, pharmacists and other scientists.
Emphasis is also on safety. All products are subjected to rigorous testing in various dermatological clinics before being put on sale. Ziaja Med products contain, for example, natural oils (macadamia oil, cottonseed oil ...), herbal extracts or vitamins. In this regard, the fact that the Ziaja Med brand strives to minimize the amount of preservatives is also worth noting.
Over time, Ziaja Med cosmetics have become a symbol of efficiency, innovation and a friendly approach to the environment. Try them out and see for themselves their unique properties. The Ziaja Med brand will definitely interest everyone who cares about beauty and health, suffers from various skin problems or wants to give the best of themselves and their loved ones.

Ziaja med protecting uva uvb will provide reliable face protection against solar radiation.


How to use:
Apply on clean face skin before staying in the sun.

Skin type - oily, with problems, mixed
Protective factor - very high protection (SPF 50)
Effect - against acne
Consistency - cream
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Was my all time favorite. Hope it come back in the market


Feels wonderful on your face, very light, moisturizing, you don’t know you’re wearing it. Eavens out the complexion and is just fantastic for people with clear skin that just needs a bit of luminesence. 10/10


Good price for a good quality. But while opening the perfume bottle, the cap is squeaking loudly. Its the best to spray it max 2,3 times. Not more, not less


My favourite parfume. I am allergic to most parfums but this one is nice.