Clarins Daily Energizer face care
Clarins Daily Energizer face care

Clarins Daily Energizer

Day brightening moisturizing cream for normal and dry skin

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xClarins Daily Energizer face care

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Ineffective cosmetic. In addition, a nice form, nice smell and a feeling of refreshing the skin.

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Ineffective cosmetic. In addition, a nice form, nice smell and a feeling of refreshing the skin.


Natural and environmentally friendly ingredients and a passion for skin care. These are cosmetics of the french brand clarins, which uses the beneficial properties of over 250 different plant extracts in their preparations. He carefully selects all of them, taking into account their effectiveness and acquires them with particular care for nature protection.

The history of the Clarins mask goes back to 1954, when Jacques Courtin-Clarins opened his first Clarins Institute. The founder of the brand believed that success and happiness are inextricably linked to beauty. At that time it was a bold idea, which, however, very quickly accepted by women themselves, and the popularity of the brand began to grow.

Scientists from Clarins laboratories are today considered pioneers in the field of skin care and can boast of many groundbreaking recipes that are unmatched in the cosmetics industry. Among the most popular products of this French brand, it's worth mentioning the Clarins Double Clarins intensive anti-wrinkle serum, Clarins Skin Illusion or the Clarins Hydra-Essentiel moisturizing cream. In women's handbags around the world, you can also find their beloved Clarins oil. Check the quality of French cosmetics on your own skin!

Clarins daily energizer face cream will provide your face exactly the care it deserves every day.


How to use:
Apply to cleansed skin and massage in with circular motions. Use every morning and / or evening.

Active substances - Vitamin C.
Effect - Moisturizing, brightening
How to use - for day
Consistency - cream
Skin type - normal, dry
Sun protection - without SPF
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Amazing perfum. Reminds me Dior Sauvage elixir. Absolutely recommend this one.


I’ve been using this cat walk curls, mousse for years, and I can’t find it anywhere. If someone knows anywhere to buy it, please let me know. Thank you.


Très très bon produit, mais très rare à trouvé, pourtant, il y' en avait, dans tout les magasin et en ligne, dommage, parceque sa marché bien pour gel crème axe coiffure, dommage !


It's a amazing produc So good fragrance