Vichy Dermablend 3D Correction foundation
Vichy Dermablend 3D Correction foundation
Vichy Dermablend 3D Correction foundation
Vichy Dermablend 3D Correction foundation
Vichy Dermablend 3D Correction foundation

Vichy Dermablend 3D Correction

Corrective and smoothing foundation spf 25

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xVichy Dermablend 3D Correction foundation

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A very good product. Strong coverage and smooth skin effect are visible. It spreads nicely, giving a velvety feeling under your fingers. Nourishes the complexion. Matte finish, but this effect, unfortunately, does not stay on my skin as long as the manufacturer states, but only a few hours, after which the candles glow like on other decks. Despite this, I recommend it, I'm very happy and I will definitely buy another package.

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I am very happy, the product spreads very well and super conceals, does not clog, the color is very well-matched, the effect is very natural, long on the face. A very good product!


I bought because of the scars I wanted to camouflage but couldn't make it, although the complexion looks prettier




Perfectly covers every imperfection. Combined with the concealer and the transparent powder, it lasts all day. Cool!


Thick, it covers well ... but stays in wrinkles. I recommend it for imperfections.


very thick. be careful when applying because you can quickly get a mask effect. does not cover well.


Strongly covering foundation. It lasts a long time.


The product as described on the packaging, quite thick gestures, it is difficult to manipulate it on the skin, it seems efficient, perfectly matt skin all day, the skin looks fresh, I recommend


It covers very well, it is quite dense so you have to learn to use it. I have already tried many foundations but this one is the best. recommend


After so many good reviews, I expected something better. It is thick, difficult to apply and although I have a very oily complexion, this foundation mega dries and the acne-prone complexion looks even worse.


Vichy dermocosmetics are synonymous with quality in skin care. They are designed in such a way as to take care of all skin types and body skin, even the most sensitive places. Vichy products provide visible effects thanks to the combination of active substances with vichy thermal water, valued primarily for the high content of minerals with soothing, strengthening and regenerative properties.

The Vichy brand is a typical example of the most successful cooperation between cosmetics and medicine. Excellent tolerance, proven effectiveness, recipes based on the latest research, compliance with ethical standards in the production process - these are the hallmarks of Vichy dermocosmetics.

Vichy helps women around the world in daily body and skin care. The goal of Vichy laboratories is to create a complete series of cosmetics for really all skin types. In the portfolio of this dermocosmetic brand we will find all possible products for perfect skin care for the whole family. Vichy has a solution for every skin problem.

Even problematic skin can be really beautiful. The vichy dermablend 3d correction spf 25 corrective and smoothing foundation quickly and reliably covers all skin imperfections, including acne, giving it a velvety smoothness. In addition, thanks to the uv filter, it provides protection against the sun.


Test results:
A clinical test conducted on 43 women for 4 weeks.


How to use:
Apply Vichy Dermablend 3D foundation Correction on previously cleansed skin, after completing the usual, dód nurturing. Apply a small amount of foundation on the back of the hand and evenly pat with your fingertips into the skin, starting from the center of the face to the outside.

Active substances - salicylic acid
According to mating - High
Effect - correction
Consistency - cream
Skin type - oily
Sun protection - from SPF
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The candle smells amazing I just had to buy it. The only thing the scent isn’t strong i can’t even smell it.


The cream is very good, it spreads well and gives a good effect, it's great.


It has a beautiful smell, I am very pleased, I recommend it


A brilliant whole series. The hair has become more fluffy, it has more volume, I have no difficulty combing at all. The scent of the shampoo is very delicate and pleasant