John Masters Organics Honey & Hibiscus hair
John Masters Organics Honey & Hibiscus hair
John Masters Organics Honey & Hibiscus hair

John Masters Organics Honey & Hibiscus

Shampoo for rebuilding hair for damaged hair

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xJohn Masters Organics Honey & Hibiscus hair

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The American brand John Masters Organics was created out of the desire to create luxurious and ecological cosmetics that would meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. John Masters Organics products appeared on the market over twenty years ago and were almost immediately successful. They have become synonymous with uncompromising quality and safety, and have won many prestigious awards.
The philosophy of the John Masters Organics brand is simple - limit the use of synthetic substances to the necessary minimum. Its products consist of 70-100 percent effective natural ingredients that come from various organic crops and have received certificates from organizations such as EcoCert or Quality Assurance International.
Cosmetics John Masters Organics are not tested on animals and do not contain any substances of animal origin (except beeswax and honey). Their uniqueness is evidenced by the fact that they are recommended by a number of Hollywood stars, such as Zooey Deschanel, Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Alba. The John Masters Organics brand should definitely interest those people who are not indifferent to the state of the environment, are demanding and are looking for really good quality cosmetics without artificial colors, GMO parabens, fragrances, etc.

John Masters Organics Honey shampoo Scalp type - all types of scalp
Hair Type - damaged hair
Effect - regeneration

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How i can found this I. Jordan


It's one of my favourite perfumes, however I wish the fragrance were stronger, I like perfumes to smell stronger, to be perceived from a meter distance. This one keeps close the skin, you can only sense it if you get close to the skin. Other than that, I'm fully happy with this perfume, it smells very good, I wear it all the time :)