Rowenta Fashion Stylist CF4512F0 hair
Rowenta Fashion Stylist CF4512F0 hair
Rowenta Fashion Stylist CF4512F0 hair
Rowenta Fashion Stylist CF4512F0 hair

Rowenta Fashion Stylist CF4512F0

Hair curler

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xRowenta Fashion Stylist CF4512F0 hair

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Rowenta is an extremely popular traditional german brand of hair care and shaving devices for women and men. The high quality of products has been attracting even the most demanding customers since 1909. From the day it was created, the goal of rowenta brand is to contribute to the improvement of everyday life by introducing intelligent solutions that ensure an excellent effect also for long-term use.

Unrivaled technological progress, refined design and practicality accompany the brand from the very beginning, combining all products. Rowenta hair straightener, curling iron, Rowenta hair dryer, epilator or shaving machine are just some of the devices that facilitate daily hair and body care.

Features such as quality, durability, aesthetics and an emphasis on ecology throughout the brand's portfolio and it is thanks to them that Rowenta products make an indelible impression on demanding users.

The rowenta fashion stylist cf4512f0 hair curler will create free waves and give your hair a perfect shape in minutes.


How to use:
Follow the attached instructions for use.

Instructions for use can be found HERE

Type of power supply - Network
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my year-round fragrance :)


My boyfriend's favorite! I love it too


The balm regenerates and intensively moisturizes the skin. I like to use it at night because it has a greasy texture. It eliminates dry places and itchy skin which is the most important for me. It works instantly, the skin is nourished after use. It is odorless.


Great disappointment. The hair was even more frizzy after this shampoo. I do not recommend.


A very good shampoo. Gentle to the hair, moisturizes, is very efficient and has a pleasant smell.