Armani Sì Passione women's perfumes
Armani Sì Passione women's perfumes
Armani Sì Passione women's perfumes
Armani Sì Passione women's perfumes
Armani Sì Passione women's perfumes

Armani Sì Passione

Eau de parfum for women

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xArmani Sì Passione women's perfumes

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A beautiful feminine fragrance for all occasions. The next Si edition is a mix of flowers and fruit. In the foreground you can feel the pear with currant, a little further you can feel a rose mixed with vanilla and pink pepper. This unobvious mix creates an elegant fragrance that is very versatile. For me, the new Si worked well for both day and evening. You can feel it all day, but it's not a hit. Its big advantage is efficiency. All you need is a few drops of fragrance to stay with us for the whole day. It will definitely be a good choice for a gift, because the fragrance is universal. I will definitely come back for it.

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The red successor to the iconic "Si" Giorgio Armani, or Si Passione, is a more fruity and floral composition, a bit fresh, though containing my favorite vanilla. The smell is very long-lasting, it stays on the body or hair for a long time. The bottle is nice, it perfectly illustrates this sensual fragrance. Absolute delight !!!


An interesting version of the classic Si. It is more durable and more intense than the original, it is also more sensuous and saying that it is impossible to resist me. In addition, the bottle's red blends beautifully with the rest of my fragrance shelf.


A floral-fruity composition hiding delicacy, freshness, elegance and style. The inspiration for Si Passione is a confident woman who is not afraid to decide about her life. The red color of the bottle expresses the love and passion that constantly accompany the life of such a woman. It stays on my skin for a long time and draws attention to itself.


An insane, elegant fragrance, however in no way unobtrusive. Charming with a pear accord, which with grace and taste is combined with jasmine and currant. Sophisticated, tempting cocktail just in time for an elegant dinner, or just a cocktail party. The red flacon only adds to the charm of the whole, but also emphasizes the fervent nature of Si.


I gave it as a gift. It smells great, the girl is delighted.


Beautiful feminine, intense, very sensual and subtly sexy fragrance. Definitely my favorite from the Si family :). It stays very nice on my skin. I recommend it


This is a favorite fragrance from the Si collection. The others are too heavy for me, and this one is alive with fruit. The composition is very floral and fruity, but not too heavy. I use during the day and evening.


I adore him. Feel the currant and pear strongly, also a treat for people who like fruity notes. The composition, just like the bottle, is clear, feminine and elegant. Very good price.


I love red, so in my case it was love at first sight. A light, sweet fragrance that I love and which I will come back to.


Armani means elegance, combining timelessness and current trends.

Giorgio Armani is considered one of the best Italian fashion designers of all time. He won the hearts of millions of women around the world with his unique style, in which he combines unforcedness with a touch of extravagance. Like its models, Armani cosmetics and perfumes are synonymous with quality, timelessness and success.

Before starting his own brand, Armani worked as an independent designer for many fashion houses. In the '70s of the last century, he created his first own collections and shortly thereafter also launched a series of cosmetics, makeup products and perfumes signed with the name Armani.

The fragrance for men Armani Acqua di Gio or women's Armani Si is timeless classics that have permanently etched into history and are still enjoying unending popularity.

No matter if you choose a proven classic or a modern interpretation, choosing the Armani fragrance, you'll never be disappointed.

When you want to say yes ... And when you really say it! Giorgio armani sì passione eau de parfum will move your senses as if you had decided on something extremely important to you. In each of us there is a confident woman who will not resist the intensity of these brave perfumes, who do not know compromises.

Aroma composition
The initial notes spread the aroma of nectar from black currant, seasoned with a juicy pear. The sophisticated combination of warm vanilla, subtle rose flower, jasmine and an unusual heliotrope creates a sensual, fruity-floral composition that embodies the contrast between feminine strength and sensitivity. The heart of the fragrance pulsates with a warm cedar wood aroma and a wood accent of Orcanox ™, which adds character and maturity to the fragrance.

Fragrance history
The Armani Sì Passione fragrance in a bottle of intense red colors represents a new dimension in the individuality of the iconic Armani Sì perfume. Giorgio Armani himself, speaking about this fragrance, said that it is an irresistible composition of elegance, strength and independence.

Heart - rose, heliotrope, jasmine
Head - black currant, pink pepper, pear
Base - vanilla, cedar
Fragrance groups - fruity, floral
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This was a gift that I waited a while to burn...would love to have ten (10) of them!! Clean burn, fantastic scent. Looking for a source to buy more!!


This is the only sunscreen I have found that doesn’t irritate my eyes. With daily application it has also reduced evidence of sun damage on my skin. I can’t rate this product highly enough. Sadly I can’t find this in the Uk and can only purchase in France - please someone bring it here.


Je voudrai cette crème mais je ne trouve plus.


Horrible shampoo and it my hair like a broomstick. Very expensive and plz don't buy this shampoo


Absolutely love this product. I have very sensitive skin, but I have not experienced any break outs. It smooths, lightens and covers my blemishes. Love, love, love it :-)