Kenzo Aqua Kenzo Pour Homme men
Kenzo Aqua Kenzo Pour Homme men
Kenzo Aqua Kenzo Pour Homme men
Kenzo Aqua Kenzo Pour Homme men
Kenzo Aqua Kenzo Pour Homme men

Kenzo Aqua Kenzo Pour Homme

Toilet water for men

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xKenzo Aqua Kenzo Pour Homme men

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The french fashion house kenzo combines the best of traditional asian style and european luxury fashion. Designer kenzo takada founded this prestigious brand in the early 1970s. Thanks to his sisters' fashion magazines, he fell in love with fashion and moved from tokyo to paris, where he quickly became famous for bold designs and spectacular shows.

The first Kenzo perfumes were presented in 1988 and, like other Kenzo fragrances, they reflect their favorite exotic designer theme. Kenzo women's and men's perfumes are characterized by original combinations of fragrances, thanks to which they have won the hearts of many people around the world. Kenzo Flower Eau de Parfum is considered iconic, or the expressive and sweet Jungle L'Élephant.

Kenzo is one of those brands that give direction to the world of fashion and perfumes. He supports creative projects, cooperates with young artists and is constantly inspired by the diversity of the world around us.

Kenzo aqua kenzo pour homme eau de toilette is intended for people who like to discover new possibilities and want to experience unique moments full of emotions!

Heart - hazelnut, sesame, green note, watery notes
Head - Japanese cherry blossom, pink pepper, bergamot
Base - musk, vanilla, amber, cedar, tonka bean, sandalwood
Fragrance groups - aromatic, watery
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My favourite parfume. I am allergic to most parfums but this one is nice.


I did not find it in any branch in the field to know where to find it, and if it is not available when it will be available


best candle in the entire world. I have never smelled something so luxurious and amazing. 100000/10. absolutely bomb af. will be repurchasing but I cannot find it online ANYWHERE. love love looove this.