Nivea Styling Primer Straight hair
Nivea Styling Primer Straight hair
Nivea Styling Primer Straight hair

Nivea Styling Primer Straight

Gel emulsion for smoothing hair

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xNivea Styling Primer Straight hair

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The product gives a great effect of smoothing and straight hair. The emulsion smells great. I use a hair straightener every day, so I have been looking for a good product for a long time to protect my hair from high temperatures. I finally found it! He will definitely stay with me for a long time :)

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It spreads great, doesn't weigh hair down. I would recommend. Great price.


A very nice product for such a low price. The product spreads nicely!


The effect of the hair is captivating. I recommend. I will buy again !!!!


It has a nice and delicate fragrance that should appeal to everyone. It is efficient, the consistency is quite rare, but it is easy to apply. It smoothes beautifully. Does not make hair heavy or greasy. It is easier to comb after using it.


It smoothes hair, does not clump the hair, does not stick them, hair is soft and flowing, nice smell. I will definitely buy again.


It smells beautiful, even after drying, and even after a few hours I smell the hair. As for the action - it fulfills the task. Smooths. Makes hair shine nicely.


I rate it very high because the product stays on the hair for a long time. It does not burden and does not overdry! The hair looks well-groomed and not greasy and that's it.


It is quickly absorbed when applied to hair. I bought it out of sheer curiosity and because the price is very attractive. The hair that I straighten very often after using the emulsion seems to be different, more straight and look smoother.


Hair certainly combs better after using the emulsion. As a novelty, I am pleasantly surprised by the effect it provides. Easy application and this aroma, characteristic "Nivea", makes me buy again.


I just received a package with this product and tried it immediately. The effect may not be like a hair salon, but in general the hair is more pleasant to touch and will last longer simpler, so I generally recommend it.


The globally known brand nivea was founded in germany in 1911. Its founder was the visionary and pharmacist dr. Oscar troplowitz, who managed to combine oil and water to obtain a stable cream. The brand name refers to the white color of the product and comes from the latin word for snow. This is how the legendary nivea cream was created.

In 1925 the product obtained a new, iconic, blue packaging, however, to this day it is produced according to the original recipe. The classic Nivea cream has become the basis of care for future generations. It effectively nourishes the skin, and thanks to the velvety smooth texture and specific smell it is a beautiful memory of childhood for many people.

Today the Nivea brand range already includes a range of high-quality care products available to everyone. A group of supporters won the Nivea sun cream and the Nivea Men cosmetics line. Nivea, taking care of the skin of the whole body for over 100 years, has become a permanent part of the everyday lives of many millions of families around the world.

The nivea styling primer straight styling product will emphasize the hairstyle and ensure its long-lasting fixation.


How to use:
Apply to moist hair, then give them the shape they want.

Effect - smoothing hair
Consistency - emulsion
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A lovely unsmoked tobacco fragrance. Some clove to start then a smooth tobacco. great stuff


smells very good and you will get many compliments


My boyfriend says my face smells like poop after I wash my face with this. Incredible!


With this i got all my severe hair loss.This is very bad..😡😡😡i was having a miner loss but after using this i had sever that u people can't imagine. Even combing showering. Is getting worse due😡 to scared i dont combe now😭😭😭😭😭😭


Это лучшее средство!а запах бомба просто!!!