Mustela Bébé Stelatopia body
Mustela Bébé Stelatopia body
Mustela Bébé Stelatopia body

Mustela Bébé Stelatopia

Emollient cream for children from birth

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xMustela Bébé Stelatopia body

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Mustela cosmetics | Mustela - the best for you and your baby. Mustela, a brand founded in 1950, is one of the leading cosmetics brands on the European pharmaceutical market in the field of skin care for children and mothers. The comprehensive offer includes products tailored specifically to the changing needs of the delicate skin of babies, mothers, children and lactating women. The brand works with specialists to create the safest and most effective skin care products. This is not the only reason why the brand enjoys great trust. In France, where it comes from, its products are available at 90% of pharmacies and over 50% of neonatal wards use them. The brand is constantly growing and currently its products are available in 40 countries, and over 10 million products are sold every year.
Mustela's philosophy is to offer effective, easy-to-use products of the highest quality, tailored to the specific needs of customers. It also focuses on innovation, which is why its offer includes more and more hypoallergenic products without alcohol, parabens, phthalates and other substances that may irritate delicate skin. All Mustela products are created in special laboratories from purely natural or natural ingredients and undergo a series of tests before being allowed to sell.
The brand emphasizes that the use of products should be the most enjoyable experience and strengthen the take between mother and child. The standard for this type of brand is a pro-ecological approach in the field of production.
By using Mustela products, you can be calm that you give your child high-quality care tailored to his needs. On the other hand, neckline firming creams, anti-stretch marks and other products especially for mothers will allow you to have a pleasant time waiting for a child.
Mustela knows and loves children and mothers!

Mustela bébé stelatopia gently cares for the baby's skin and provides it with the necessary hydration.



How to use :
Apply daily to clean baby skin. Follow the instructions provided.

Skin type - atopic skin and eczema
Effect - mitigation
Consistency - fluid
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How i can found this I. Jordan


It's one of my favourite perfumes, however I wish the fragrance were stronger, I like perfumes to smell stronger, to be perceived from a meter distance. This one keeps close the skin, you can only sense it if you get close to the skin. Other than that, I'm fully happy with this perfume, it smells very good, I wear it all the time :)