Bruno Banani Daring Woman women's perfumes
Bruno Banani Daring Woman women's perfumes

Bruno Banani Daring Woman

Perfume deodorant for women

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xBruno Banani Daring Woman women's perfumes

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Bruno banani perfumes do you like true originality seasoned with a pinch of extravagance and a drop of provocation? this is the iconic bruno banani brand. Her philosophy is best summarized in the slogan: "bruno banani is not for everyone!"
Bruno banani is a famous global brand that deservedly occupies one of the leading positions on the fashion and accessories market. It offers luxury underwear, jewelry, watches, glasses, shoes, handbags and perfumes. In the world of fragrances, bruno banani has gained the image of a predatory brand designed for self-confident women and men full of life and energy. The one who reaches for bruno banani perfume clearly and without embarrassment shows that he feels special, but he is not without distance and sense of humor. Bruno banani will never be a choice for the masses resulting from collective correctness or conformity. It is a challenge that combines a guarantee of high quality, style, freedom and freedom.
What is the history of the bruno banani brand? who is behind its creation? in 1993, the former head of the tricotex textile factory in east germany, wolfgang jasser, with a long-standing practice and entrepreneur klaus jungwickel, the owner of a small company employing about 30 employees in mittelbach, decided to combine the best in the east and west, establishing the brand bruno banani . Her first manifestation was the collection of luxury underwear, which became famous thanks to unconventional advertising. Bruno banani underwear was tested during an expedition in africa, at the mir orbital station and 4,800 meters below the sea. One of the most provocative actions took place in 2007, when a team of beautiful girls came out on the streets, checking the condition of the underwear of passing men.
Along with the company's reputation, the product portfolio has also grown, and more items have been added to the underwear. Of course, perfume could not be missing. Since 2000, bruno banani has enriched the fragrance market with a whole range of exceptional perfumes for men and women. Excellent fragrance compositions and unusually beautiful design of the bottles quickly attracted attention and gained popularity. Soon they were in the center of interest of those customers who value modernity, style, quality and freshness. The bruno banani spell has begun to work and its effects continue to this day. Try and you magic bruno banani. Free yourself from the stereotypes and let the unbridled part of your personality that longs for uniqueness speaks.
And don't forget that bruno banani is not for everyone, it's for you!

Bruno banani daring woman deodorant spray gives you freshness and energy you need. When used in combination with the fragrance from the same series, it helps maintain its intensity throughout the day.

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Čim sam ga isprobala, zavinuo mi je trepavice prema dolje. Kasnije sam primjetila da mi trepavice izgledaju kraće, no kad sam se približila ogledalu, vidjela sam da su odrezane. Da skratim priču, vaš proizvod mi je odrezao trepavice, i jako sam nesretna i ljuta zbog toga. Ne preporučam ovaj proizvod. Upozoravam sve koji su ga mislili kupiti!


Haven't been using it long but plan to use it long-term if I like the results I've been using it for about a month will let you know how it turns out.




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