Moroccanoil Moisture Repair hair
Moroccanoil Moisture Repair hair

Moroccanoil Moisture Repair

Regenerating mask for all hair types

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xMoroccanoil Moisture Repair hair

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Moroccanoil cosmetics the history of the moroccanoil brand began a few years ago, when carmen tal - a later co-founder of the company - traveled around israel. After unprofessional dyeing, which resulted in damaged hair, she decided to visit one of the hair salons there. Her hair was treated with oil, which turned out to be extremely effective. She immediately became interested in what hairdresser used the product. It turned out that it was so-called argania spinosa kernel oil (also known as "moroccan gold"), which is now an essential ingredient in all moroccanoil products. This extremely valuable oil is obtained from iron argan fruit, and it contains a huge amount of vitamin e. In addition to the cosmetics industry (skin, hair and nail care), it is used in pharmacy - it has anti-inflammatory properties and helps in healing various skin diseases (eczema, allergies ). Argan trees are found only in southwestern morocco, which makes them one of the most valuable plants in the world. It is interesting that the moroccanoil brand started its activity with one product - moroccanoil treatment. However, it quickly became synonymous with beautiful, shiny and smooth hair. Currently, the brand offer is much broader and responds to the needs of people of all ages. Although the brand operates on the market for a relatively short time, its products have already gained great sympathy, also among well-known people from the world of show business. These include salma hayek, katy perry, renée zellweger, taylor swift and many more. The moroccanoil brand will certainly appeal to people with damaged hair who want to take advantage of the amazing properties of the famous argan oil, those who dream of such shiny and smooth hair that known celebrities have, or those who care for products that care quickly and quickly they are well absorbed.

The moroccanoil moisture repair hair mask is an irreplaceable treatment in the hair care ritual. Give them a moment of regeneration, for which they will repay you with their vitality and beauty.


How to use:
Apply to damp hair washed with shampoo. Leave as much time as possible on the hair, then rinse thoroughly.

Scalp type - all types of scalp
Hair Type - all hair types
Effect - nutrition
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