L’Oréal Paris Magic Shampoo Tropical Splash hair
L’Oréal Paris Magic Shampoo Tropical Splash hair
L’Oréal Paris Magic Shampoo Tropical Splash hair
L’Oréal Paris Magic Shampoo Tropical Splash hair
L’Oréal Paris Magic Shampoo Tropical Splash hair

L’Oréal Paris Magic Shampoo Tropical Splash

Dry shampoo to increase hair volume, which does not leave white marks

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xL’Oréal Paris Magic Shampoo Tropical Splash hair

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When it comes to the action of this shampoo, in my opinion, it perfectly fulfills its function, so it saves me when I do not have time to wash my hair, and they do not look good. It reflects my hair from the roots and eliminates the effect of greasy hair. I am happy with it, I will probably buy it.

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A quick rescue if you really need a quick refresh of your hair. Magic Shampoo gives your hair a light volume and leaves no white marks. It smells very nice.


Finally, a dry shampoo that does not serve as a varnish. For a long time I was looking for dry shampoo, after which I would not have hair, as if I had a ton of varnish on them. I am very happy with it, it smells beautiful and leaves no white marks.


This dry shampoo from Loreal is perfect. It smells nice, leaves no undesirable white marks so I can use it for several days without washing my hair. I will definitely try different scents.


I use during time pressure - ideal and for long hair. I also have sensitive scalp and it's not a problem. It is worth using.


Very pleasant smell, leaves hair soft, without traces. I would recommend.


Cosmetic series: don't forget to take me on vacation! For travels, warm days ... perfect immediate hair refreshment.


After using Magic Shampoo shampoo you get the effect of fluffy and refreshed hair. It is important not to comb the hair immediately after spraying, but massage it at the roots. I am very happy and saves me in an emergency


Perfectly fulfills its functions! He saves me in under-gate situations when I wake up and it turns out that my hair doesn't look good and I don't have time to wash it. Just spray and your hair gain volume and freshness.


First of all, there is no gray hair effect! Just like using dry shampoos from another company. It is simply not visible! I highly recommend!


Very well refreshes the scalp and lifts hair from the root. The smell is fresh, not suffocating like most products. After touch, the hair has a much better structure after use. I recommend :)


Cosmetics l´oréal paris | l´oréal paris is a french brand that is one of the leaders among the global cosmetics brands. Its history dates back to 1907 when a young and promising chemist eugéne schueller discovers a hair dye product. This product gave impetus to further research and laboratory tests, thanks to which newer cosmetics were discovered and produced. L´oréal paris is a brand present in nearly 120 countries around the world. L´oréal paris is a producer of a wide range of cosmetics including creams, hair care cosmetics and highlighting cosmetics.

L'oréal paris magic shampoo tropical splash dry shampoo will restore your hair's volume and fresh look. Enjoy the feeling of clean hair without having to wash it.


How to use:
Shake the container well before use. Spray the hair mainly at the roots from a distance of 20-30 cm from the head.

Scalp type - oily scalp
Hair Type - oily hair, all hair types
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The candle smells amazing I just had to buy it. The only thing the scent isn’t strong i can’t even smell it.


The cream is very good, it spreads well and gives a good effect, it's great.


It has a beautiful smell, I am very pleased, I recommend it


A brilliant whole series. The hair has become more fluffy, it has more volume, I have no difficulty combing at all. The scent of the shampoo is very delicate and pleasant