Veet Depilatory Cream body
Veet Depilatory Cream body
Veet Depilatory Cream body
Veet Depilatory Cream body

Veet Depilatory Cream

Depilatory cream for normal skin

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xVeet Depilatory Cream body

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Veet cosmetics | Smooth skin has been a trend for several decades. More and more women are choosing hair removal preparations instead of razors. The long-lasting effect, the appearance of the skin and the reduction in the risk of ingrown hair are the main reasons for their growing popularity. If you do not have time or do not want to regularly use the services of beauty salons, a good solution is to reach for products for self depilation. If you choose the right product, you will achieve results similar to those in a professional salon.

Reckitt Benckiser, which has a number of brands known around the world under its wing, constantly cares for development and innovation also in the case of Veet products. Every year, Reckitt Benckiser sells approximately 46 million Veet products, which 30 million women use worldwide. Not only these numbers, but above all high quality, easy application and safety are the basis for the success of the Veet brand, which enjoys the recognition of women regardless of their place of residence, age or profession.
Veet is a brand that you can literally feel. Just imagine this velvety smooth touch. Regardless of whether you choose depilatory cream or wax patches, all products are designed to give you beautiful, smooth skin without leaving your home. If you want to remove hair from your face, armpits, bikini line or legs, you can always reach for Veet products. The wide range of products is tailored to the needs of specific body parts and you don't have to worry even if you have sensitive skin. The great advantage is the lack of a problem of ingrown hairs, because Veet products eliminate by 80% the mentioned effect appearing in the case of shaving.
If you want to get rid of hair quickly and painlessly, reach for creams or depilatory gels. In addition to effective ingredients that weaken hair and help remove them, they also contain moisturizing substances that make the skin beautiful and shiny. The effect lasts twice as long as after shaving! By applying wax patches, your legs will remain smooth for up to 28 days. They even remove these short hair together with the bulbs with one quick move. To remove facial hair, choose special wax patches that are ideal for small, delicate areas, such as the skin above the upper lip, cheeks or chin.
Browse a wide range of extremely effective high-quality Veet products and try out which method of depilation works for you you the most, and then set out on a quick and comfortable path to smooth skin.

Veet depilatory cream will ensure comfortable epilation and provide you with beautiful, soft skin.


How to use:
Apply the cream to the skin and leave it to work.

Skin type - norman
Consistency - cream
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Great product. I have oily and thin hair (long bob). With this product I got 3 benefites: 1. After aplying Nivea styling primer, my hair is straight, without twisting at the ends. I am not styling my hair, just blow drying, and looks good. 2. I have more volume. 3. My hair is less greasy. Befor i washed my hair every second day, now it is every 3rd. This is great improvement for me :)


It was a blind purchase and the only thing that was good about it was that it was cheap. Absolutely indistinct scent for the age of 50+ which disappears after about 20 minutes. It has nothing to do with the word perfume, which is perhaps a good thing. I'm not even sure if I will use it as an air freshener, it really doesn't smell nice.


This does not even last half an hour.


I love, love this fragrance! I had a perfume with this scent and brings back memories! Thank you.


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