Signal White System Revitalize teeth whitening
Signal White System Revitalize teeth whitening
Signal White System Revitalize teeth whitening
Signal White System Revitalize teeth whitening

Signal White System Revitalize

Remineralizing toothpaste with whitening effect

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xSignal White System Revitalize teeth whitening

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Signal is undoubtedly one of the best known and successful brands specializing in oral care. It belongs to the unilever company, whose products are used every day by two billion people in the world.
Signal during its over forty years of existence has gained great sympathy and is currently the market leader in dozens of countries. For example, signal white system is one of the most-sold home tooth whitening series in europe. It is not without significance that signal's success has been significantly influenced by the innovative taste of a fresh, green apple.
Signal is primarily focused on families with children. He cooperates with the world dental federation (fdi) and many other organizations and invests huge amounts of money in prevention - he sponsors various school educational programs, free dental inspections, etc.
Signal customers can choose from a wide range of mouthwashes, brushes and toothpaste. Signal puts the emphasis on research and development, and employs the best specialists in oral hygiene in its laboratories. Her portfolio is constantly growing with new products of the best quality.
Unilever is known for putting safety first - all its products contain a minimum (lower than allowed by the standards) amount of allergenic substances and are subjected to strict tests. In addition, they care about environmental protection. The signal brand is a good choice for people dreaming of a white smile, caring for themselves and their loved ones and for those who do not like to visit a dentist.


How to use:
Use at least twice a day. Clean your teeth thoroughly for at least 2 minutes.

Effect - whitewash
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