Dermacol Perfume Diffuser home fragrances
Dermacol Perfume Diffuser home fragrances

Dermacol Perfume Diffuser

Fragrance diffuser with filling

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xDermacol Perfume Diffuser home fragrances

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Czech dermacol cosmetics have been caring for female beauty for over half a century. Established in prague film studios, where film makeup specialists joined forces with dermatologists from the institute of cosmetology in prague. Together, they created the dermacol opaque foundation not only for screens, but also for everyday use.

Dermacol Make-Up Cover was one of the first foundations in the world and quickly became a hit, even used in Hollywood. In the 90s, the cosmetics company Dermacol separated from film studios, resulting in a separate and still exclusively Czech brand, which is a symbol of beauty for several generations of women.

Dermacol products are also successful outside the Czech Republic, and the brand is present today in over 60 countries worlds. In recent years, its products can also be used by men for whom the first complete men's Dermacol series was created.

The dermacol perfume diffuser fragrance diffuser is a pleasant way to spread the aroma in the interior. The aroma diffuser contains an aromatic substance that evaporates into the air through the inserted sticks, filling the room with a very cozy fragrance.


How to use:
Open the closure of the fragrance diffuser and pour the aromatic substance into it. The smell from the diffuser is gradually released through the inserted sticks. The more sticks we immerse in a container, the more it will feel a fragrant essence in the room.

Heart - black currant, green leaves, orange leaves, lavender
Head - lime, melon, bergamot, pineapple, mandarin
Base - Musk, Amber, Patchouli, Moss
Aromatic diffuser type - patyczkowy
The character of a home fragrance - fruit
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This was a gift that I waited a while to burn...would love to have ten (10) of them!! Clean burn, fantastic scent. Looking for a source to buy more!!


This is the only sunscreen I have found that doesn’t irritate my eyes. With daily application it has also reduced evidence of sun damage on my skin. I can’t rate this product highly enough. Sadly I can’t find this in the Uk and can only purchase in France - please someone bring it here.


Je voudrai cette crème mais je ne trouve plus.


Horrible shampoo and it my hair like a broomstick. Very expensive and plz don't buy this shampoo


Absolutely love this product. I have very sensitive skin, but I have not experienced any break outs. It smooths, lightens and covers my blemishes. Love, love, love it :-)