Missha Airy Fit Shea Butter face masks
Missha Airy Fit Shea Butter face masks

Missha Airy Fit Shea Butter

Linen mask with a strong moisturizing and nourishing effect

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xMissha Airy Fit Shea Butter face masks

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I love all the masks from this brand, but the one with shea butter has stolen my heart the most. The mask is soaked that there is enough fluid from the inside for the neckline and neck. My skin after use is smooth, clearly moisturized and well nourished. I love to use before bed, because when the skin rests at night, it slowly absorbs all the goodness that this mask has inside. The material itself adapts perfectly to the face, I do not feel discomfort and, above all, it smells beautiful.

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One of my favorite face masks. I was tempted to buy it with a low price and good reviews and I was not disappointed. Beautifully moisturizes my skin, my face becomes bright and nourished.


A wonderful face mask! Strongly moisturizes and brightens the skin, leaving it soft for a long time. I recommend using after face peeling. My favorite brand when it comes to masks :)


The mask will moisturize and restore elasticity to your skin. The skin will become radiant and full of healthy and natural glow. And it smells beautiful! Pleasantly diversifies the care ritual


The perfect mask for people who need strong and immediate hydration. The material is large, but thin, heavily soaked with the product, making it easy to apply on the face. The rest of the product can be spread over the neckline. Quickly absorbed, leaving the skin moisturized, soft and supple.


Indeed, moisturizing is visible after applying this mask. The skin looks more healthy, fresh and radiant. The mask smell is exaggerated.


Great mask! The tarpaulin is very moisturized. So you can hold it a little longer. The effect after the mask is brilliant! The skin is deeply moisturized, moisturizing stays on your face for almost a week! In addition, it brightens our arms and tightens it. All dry skin disappears and does not appear so quickly. I recommend it!


nice mask, moisturizes very well. the skin is very smooth and pleasant to the touch :)


I love face masks. This one has a wonderful aroma and the care ritual immediately becomes more pleasant. After taking off the skin is wonderfully moisturized, soft, supple and bright.


I love masks from this series. Shea butter makes my skin deeply and intensively moisturized and does not leave greasy traces. The affordable price makes me happy to use them in my daily care :)


The mask is great. The fabric is quite large, but delicate, which makes it easy to handle, and in addition is perfectly saturated (the product lasts for the second day, I use it as a serum). The skin is soft, soothed and bright after just a few minutes.


Missha cosmetics are the right step in everyday skin care. The korean brand creates its products only from natural ingredients, with no or minimal use of preservatives and other synthetic ingredients. Beautiful asian skin can be an inspiration to try cosmetics from a rather non-traditional destination.
Missha has launched a comprehensive series of products, from bb care creams, foundations, cleansing products, to makeup and hair cosmetics. The brand's offer is sure to find something for people with problematic skin. The missha brand shows that good quality cosmetics do not have to come only from france, germany or the usa. Korean cosmetics are famous for their smoothing and cleansing effects. It combines the best of eastern tradition with modern technology.
The secret to the effectiveness of missha cosmetics lies in their composition. In addition to unique plants and herb extracts, cosmetics contain non-traditional ingredients such as fruit acids and charcoal, ginseng, natural oils and extracts of marine plants are often used.
The missha brand begins its way to customers' subconscious by opening an online store in 2000. Two years later he founded in south korea the first stationary store. In ten years, missha has over 330 stores worldwide and a number of supporters. A strong argument confirming customer satisfaction is the brand's philosophy that quality must be available. That is why missha products are at friendly prices, and at the same time show above-standard results in skin care. All cosmetics are subject to detailed tests and examinations, so you can be sure that every product is safe and effective.
Among the huge number of missha products, you can mention, for example, the series of soothing masks missha pure source with aloe, raspberry or caviar. Comfortable missha m perfect cover bb cream or missha super aqua moisturizing gel cream is extremely popular. Specially for the needs of problem skin, missha black ghassoul cleansing soap was created, which is complemented by a face mask and a special nose cleansing mask. To fight wrinkles, an anti-wrinkle serum with snail mucus and missha misa geum sul 24k gold has been prepared. The brand has not forgotten about men - it has created the missha for men urban series especially for them.
By choosing missha cosmetics, you can be sure of high quality, visible results and care that has a beneficial effect on all skin types. Just make the right selection from a wide range of products to take advantage of the combination of ancient asian knowledge and contemporary trends.

Missha airy fit shea butter face mask is a care and at the same time a real caress for your skin.


How to use:
Carefully remove the mask from the packaging and apply on a clean face. Leave for as long as stated on the packaging.

Skin type - dry
Effect - hydration
Active substances - shea butter
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I did not find it in any branch in the field to know where to find it, and if it is not available when it will be available


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