La Roche-Posay Physiologique Ultra face care routine
La Roche-Posay Physiologique Ultra face care routine
La Roche-Posay Physiologique Ultra face care routine
La Roche-Posay Physiologique Ultra face care routine
La Roche-Posay Physiologique Ultra face care routine

La Roche-Posay Physiologique Ultra

Micellar water for sensitive skin

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xLa Roche-Posay Physiologique Ultra face care routine

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I always go back to La Roche-Posay Ultra micellar water - when my skin is irritated, dry, when I need detailed care. Extremely delicate, soothing with a pleasant, delicate fragrance. The skin after using it is not irritated or red. You need to work a little on eye makeup removal, but that's the only minus. Removes all impurities and makeup without the feeling of tightness or burning. This is the only product that I wash my face with.

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The fluid I've been using for years. Super efficient, great for removing makeup and does not irritate the skin. I heartily recommend !!!


The best micellar water I've ever had. I have been using it for several years. Others couldn't make up for makeup removal. Moisturizes, does not irritate, the skin is in great condition after use. Once a dermatologist recommended me cosmetics of this brand. To this day oh I use


Very good liquid, removes all impurities, even copes with waterproof makeup. It didn't irritate me, it doesn't sensitize it fulfills its function perfectly so I can confidently recommend it.


Micellar water is gentle and washes makeup away, my skin is well cleansed. It also prevents skin drying, refreshes and soothes. I would recommend.


La Roche-Posay is my number one. I only use products from this company. I have sensitive skin, and these products do not irritate her. The micellar water of this brand fantastically cleanses my face, neck and cleavage, without drying it. The skin after using this product is cleansed, delicate and moisturized.


I own most cosmetics from La Roche-Posay and recommend them to friends. I have a very sensitive skin and after make-up removal I have always had red skin. After this micellar, there is no such effect, and make-up removal is complete. :)


Delicate, yet the most effective micellar water I have used so far! :)) Perfectly copes even with really heavy makeup, does not download. Revelation!


La Roche-Posay for sensitive skin is my favorite micellar fluid. I have an acne mouth, and using it regularly I have a nicely cleansed and moisturized complexion without irritation or new breakouts! I would recommend!


I bought micellar water encouraged by my sister's opinion. In general, I really like LA ROCHE-POSAY products. The product turned out to be sensational for my skin. I have sensitive face skin, and this water doesn't irritate it. It is very delicate and washes makeup away, thanks to which my skin is well cleansed. I would highly recommend!


Awesome water! I have a very delicate and sensitive skin that does not tolerate many products, even those intended for sensitive people. My complexion is clean, and at the same time wonderfully moisturized without the slightest feeling of tightness. I recommend with all my heart.


The french dermocosmetics brand la roche-posay is known for its intense collaboration with dermatologists and its ambition to help people with sensitive skin. Therefore, la roche-posay preparations have a minimalist composition and are produced in a strictly followed production process.

The La Roche-Posay series of preparations are tailored to the specific requirements of all types of sensitive skin and offer solutions to people who have sensitive, reactive, atopic skin or prone to acne. The necessary basis for each preparation is La Roche-Posay thermal water, which has antioxidant and therapeutic properties, bringing immediate relief to sensitive and irritated skin.

The quality of La Roche-Posay dermocosmetics is confirmed not only by documented clinical research results, but also numerous recommendations from leading dermatologists.

La roche-posay physiologique ultra micellar fluid ensures thorough cleansing of facial skin within minutes. At the same time, it removes everyday impurities and dead cells from the skin.



How to use:
Apply a sufficient amount of the preparation to the cotton pad and lightly rubbing, remove makeup and cleanse the skin. Do not rinse off. Use in the morning and evening or when needed.

Skin type - sensitive
Effect - mitigation
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Was my all time favorite. Hope it come back in the market


Feels wonderful on your face, very light, moisturizing, you don’t know you’re wearing it. Eavens out the complexion and is just fantastic for people with clear skin that just needs a bit of luminesence. 10/10


Good price for a good quality. But while opening the perfume bottle, the cap is squeaking loudly. Its the best to spray it max 2,3 times. Not more, not less


My favourite parfume. I am allergic to most parfums but this one is nice.