Burt’s Bees Lip Care lip care
Burt’s Bees Lip Care lip care

Burt’s Bees Lip Care

Nourishing lip balm

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xBurt’s Bees Lip Care lip care

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Take care of your beauty with burt´s bees natural cosmetics, straight from bees! the burt´s bees brand offers luxury cosmetic products containing royal jelly, wax and honey. Natural substances from the world of bees perfectly care for the skin throughout the body.
Burt´s bees products are created in a completely environmentally friendly way. Burt´s bees was founded in 1980 in maine. At first, it produced beeswax candles, and since 1991 it has expanded its offer to include natural cosmetics, which immediately became a huge hit.
The burt´s bees range of products includes unique cosmetic products that use bee products. Burt´s bees cosmetics do not contain parabens or formaldehydes. Burt´s bees cooperates with the nature conservancy, which works to protect the environment and restore forests in maine.

Burt's bees lip care lip balm is an indispensable helper for lip skin care at any time of the year.


How to use:
Apply to lips whenever during the day if necessary.

Sun protection - without SPF
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Čim sam ga isprobala, zavinuo mi je trepavice prema dolje. Kasnije sam primjetila da mi trepavice izgledaju kraće, no kad sam se približila ogledalu, vidjela sam da su odrezane. Da skratim priču, vaš proizvod mi je odrezao trepavice, i jako sam nesretna i ljuta zbog toga. Ne preporučam ovaj proizvod. Upozoravam sve koji su ga mislili kupiti!


Haven't been using it long but plan to use it long-term if I like the results I've been using it for about a month will let you know how it turns out.




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