La Martina Quimera Mujer women's perfumes
La Martina Quimera Mujer women's perfumes

La Martina Quimera Mujer

Body lotion for women

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xLa Martina Quimera Mujer women's perfumes

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La martina perfumes la martina - a perfume inspired by royal sport. La martina, an internationally known argentine fashion brand associated with, among others with polo, he has been designing clothes, shoes and accessories since 1986 in buenos aires. In 2006, the brand expanded its offer with perfumes.
The la martina brand began its adventure with perfumery, issuing a fragrance for women called mujer, which combines oriental and floral notes. The fresh, spicy scent of la martina hombre is one of the brand's most-loved perfumes. La martina perfumes are composed in cooperation with such perfume creators as jean-christopher herault or michel garner, and inspiration for their creation are argentina and royal sport. This is manifested not only as a fragrance, but also through an elegant packaging with the logo associated with the polo game.
La martina values ​​a simple and original lifestyle inspired by the argentine countryside. It combines a rustic atmosphere with a certain amount of sophistication. It emphasizes the importance of tradition, nature, authenticity and individual style. Among the fans of the brand are not only polo players and fans, but also those who like to combine individual style with elegance, the old with modernity and authenticity with originality. "in the area of ​​brand fashion, authenticity and uniqueness are extremely important. That is why i draw inspiration and motivation from extremely authentic sport - polo - and from the energy with which it has spread in the world. The la martina brand embodies this royal sport "(lando simonetti, ceo of la martina)

La martin quimera mujer body lotion will perfectly complement the fragrance from the series of the same name. The milk will effectively nourish your skin and provide it with much needed hydration. With regular use, your skin will be velvety soft and captivatingly delicate.

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My favourite parfume. I am allergic to most parfums but this one is nice.


I did not find it in any branch in the field to know where to find it, and if it is not available when it will be available


best candle in the entire world. I have never smelled something so luxurious and amazing. 100000/10. absolutely bomb af. will be repurchasing but I cannot find it online ANYWHERE. love love looove this.