KORIKA SciBeauty face care routine
KORIKA SciBeauty face care routine
KORIKA SciBeauty face care routine
KORIKA SciBeauty face care routine

KORIKA SciBeauty

Mask around the eyes

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xKORIKA SciBeauty face care routine

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Brilliant eye mask. After use, you can immediately see the effect. Reduces dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. I recommend keeping it in the fridge before using it for relief. It has a very nice form - the gel flakes are surrounded by a mesh in the packaging, so they do not stick to each other, it's easier to pull them out of the packaging and apply under the eyes - nods to the creators for the idea. The eyes do not slide from under the eyes, they adhere tightly to it. I will come back to them for sure more than once.

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The mask quickly eliminates signs of fatigue, does not irritate even very sensitive eyes and smells very gently. In addition, it is very efficient, there is a lot of liquid in the packaging, enough for two applications. I recommend!


I love eye petals! They are a salvation for my area under the eyes, which is always swollen and bruised. I usually keep flakes in the fridge. I use them in the morning or before an important exit. The petals do not quite moisturize the area under the eye, this additionally reduces bruising. I recommend!


The petals save my eyes when they are tired and swollen. After application, the skin under the eyes is clearly moisturized, firm, gently brightened and free of swelling. It has a soothing and strengthening effect. Worth trying out.


I'm 30 years old, first wrinkles around the eyes appeared, I started looking for eye care products for something more than just a regular cream. The petals are quite heavily soaked, which in my opinion is a big plus, the excess can be rubbed into the neck:) The skin around the eyes after applying them it is definitely regenerated, dark circles and bags under the eyes less visible, and elasticity improved.


The petals are perfect before the big outings. Beautifully brighten the eye area, soothe bruises and gently reduce wrinkles. The face immediately looks more rested and the look clearer.


I have always said that the eyes are a mirror of the soul so that I always try to care for them as best as possible and I would like them to be rested or at least look rested under the eye beads mask definitely helps me this process applied before makeup before an important exit always copes with my tired eyes with eye shadows and additionally moisturizes the eye area because moisturizing is the basis in care


The best eye pads I've used. They are not dry after a minute and focus very well on moisturizing the skin, which is hard for me. At once the whole face looks different, of course with regular use.


These wonderful eye pads are the best eye product I've ever come into contact with. The eye patches perfectly illuminated the skin under the eyes, eliminating bruising and bags under the eyes. Brilliant effect for a low price. It is good to cool the cereal in the fridge before, thanks to which the mask will be more soothing and give the effect of refreshment. I will definitely reach for it more than once!


I always forget about special eye care. I got it for free, so I said that I would test it and maybe I would start taking care of this area. Gently moisturized, nourished and brightened the look. It didn't irritate. Overall, it made a very good impression on me and I will definitely be tempted to buy it. The only minus I noticed is alcohol, which is high in the composition, which I usually avoid.


I got it for free to buy perfumes and I think it really is worth attention. I have a tendency to darkness and swelling under the eyes, which usually makes me look tired, even if I got enough sleep. The hyaluronic acid contained in it moisturizes the area under the eyes well, thanks to which the skin becomes more tense and swelling are less visible. Atlantic cedar brightens and reduces the intensity of the shadows. I will definitely reach for her again.


Korika is a korean brand that combines the most advanced asian technologies with effective, active substances, which is why it is a specialist in the field of skin care cosmetics. It helps women make the everyday beauty ritual more pleasant. Their domain is primarily high-quality platinum masks.

KORIKA platinum masks contain large amounts of active ingredients that vary by type. In KORIKA masks you can find, among others, activated carbon, clay, 24-carat gold, snail extract, silkworm extract, lavender, lychee, aloe vera, glacier water or bamboo butter.

Three series of KORIKA platinum masks are focused on different skin types. StarBeauty is a collection that will be appreciated by women who want to try rare ingredients, revitalize and brighten their complexion. The NaturBeauty series includes different types of masks, their main advantages are natural extracts and glacier water. The SciBeauty collection rejects modern trends in Asian cosmetics and offers masks not only on the face, but also on the arms, legs and lips, thus providing complete care.

Essential for tired eyes - the extremely delicate korika scibeauty eye mask will become an inseparable part of the korika beauty ritual and ensure a beautiful skin appearance.

The use of the mask is really comfortable. It was produced in a patented biofermentation process, which is why it is so delicate, perfectly adheres to the skin and does not irritate it in any way. In addition, thanks to the 3D structure, it contains a much larger amount of active substances than the usual "canvas" mask.

The mask is easy to apply, does not run off and the skin stays good. With the mask put on, you can relax, read a book, and even iron or exercise.


Active substances:

You can take a small package with you wherever you go - on a trip, to the office, on vacation and on business. You can apply at any time - even during the midday break or just before going out to a concert or party.

store suggestion:
The mask is multifunctional - it can be used not only under the eyes, but also slid lower on the cheeks or on the nasolabial furrow.

div Skin type - for all skin types
Effect - Moisturizing, anti-age, against shadows
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How i can found this I. Jordan


It's one of my favourite perfumes, however I wish the fragrance were stronger, I like perfumes to smell stronger, to be perceived from a meter distance. This one keeps close the skin, you can only sense it if you get close to the skin. Other than that, I'm fully happy with this perfume, it smells very good, I wear it all the time :)