Oral B Stages Power EB10 Star Wars electric brushes
Oral B Stages Power EB10 Star Wars electric brushes

Oral B Stages Power EB10 Star Wars

Replaceable tips for toothbrush 4 pcs.

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xOral B Stages Power EB10 Star Wars electric brushes

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The oral b brand is synonymous with comfortable and perfect oral care. Oral b products are known for the highest quality, which guarantees great results in oral hygiene. A good toothbrush and dental floss are the best helpers on your way to a beautiful and healthy smile.

The founder of the brand is California dentist Robert Huston, who in 1950 was the first to replace classic and hard nylon fibers in a toothbrush, used since 1938, with delicate and rounded fibers. They have become a global phenomenon, and the Oral B brand is a leader in its industry.

Today Oral B is uniquely identified with the highest quality dental care. The Oral B electric brush not only thoroughly cleans teeth, but also massages the gums, which has a beneficial effect on their proper functions. The Oral B brush will give you teeth without tooth decay and healthy gums, as well as a feeling of real cleanliness and freshness every day.

The spare oral b stages power eb10 star wars toothbrush head will help you get the best possible results for oral hygiene. Regular head replacement will still ensure the same cleaning effect as with a new toothbrush.


How to use:
Place the spare brush head on the brush type and push until it clicks.

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