Cartier Eau de Cartier 2016 woody perfumes
Cartier Eau de Cartier 2016 woody perfumes
Cartier Eau de Cartier 2016 woody perfumes
Cartier Eau de Cartier 2016 woody perfumes
Cartier Eau de Cartier 2016 woody perfumes

Cartier Eau de Cartier 2016

Unisex eau de parfum

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xCartier Eau de Cartier 2016 woody perfumes

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Cartier perfumes cartier does not require long admissions. After all, this is one of the most famous jewelry manufacturers in the world. However, hardly anyone knows that in addition to luxury necklaces, watches or rings, they also offer cosmetics to their customers.
This french brand, founded in 1847 by louis-françoise cartier, offers its products to the most demanding customers who are looking for truly exclusive products and are ready to pay any price for them. Cartier's jewels adorned and decorated not only many famous actors or people of the stage, but also members of various royal families. Buying cartier perfumes will not ruin anyone. Quite the opposite - their price is surprisingly low.
However, this cannot be said for the cartier bottles that appeared on the market several decades before the first two fragrances (must de cartier and santos de cartier). The delightful bottles were decorated with pure gold and precious stones and ordinary mortals could not afford them.
Cartier can boast that as one of the few cosmetics manufacturers has its own perfumer - the famous mathilde laurent. She regularly searches for the most valuable and highest-quality ingredients and creates real works of art such as cartier l'heure vertueuse iii, cartier baiser volé, cartier de lune and others. It is worth mentioning that he also deals with the preparation of "perfume", which requires a lot of patience and time.
Some cartier fragrances are sharp, while others are sweet. Each of them, however, is full of unfettered passion. The name baiser volé mentioned above can finally be translated as "stolen kiss". If you want to emphasize your charm and sensuality, cartier will undoubtedly be a great choice!
The cartier brand will definitely interest everyone who openly shows their emotions, wants to try the perfume mathilde lauren or looking for exclusive cosmetics at an affordable price.

Unisex cartier eau de cartier 2016 eau de parfum is the perfect fragrance for all independent men and women who live according to their own rules.

Heart - hedione, galbanum, jasmine, violet leaves, neroli
Head - lemon, bergamot, grapefruit
Base - Musk, Vanilla, Amber, Patchouli, Peruvian Balsam
Fragrance groups - floral, woody
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My favourite parfume. I am allergic to most parfums but this one is nice.


I did not find it in any branch in the field to know where to find it, and if it is not available when it will be available


best candle in the entire world. I have never smelled something so luxurious and amazing. 100000/10. absolutely bomb af. will be repurchasing but I cannot find it online ANYWHERE. love love looove this.