Ziaja Oczysczanie Liscie Manuka face care routine
Ziaja Oczysczanie Liscie Manuka face care routine

Ziaja Oczysczanie Liscie Manuka

Cleansing peeling paste for normal and combination skin

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xZiaja Oczysczanie Liscie Manuka face care routine

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An ideal care product for oily and combination skin. It has a very dense consistency rich in small peeling particles that thoroughly cleanse the face, exfoliate dead skin and eliminate imperfections. The cosmetic has a strong matting effect, so it should be used in moderation - it is not suitable for daily facial cleansing, because it can dry our complexion, but with the right application it gives a great effect for a small price. Another product of this brand worth recommending!

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The paste has a specific consistency, I use it after cleaning the face with milk. It refreshes the skin well and leaves it matte. I didn't notice any other effects.


I used paste in the form of a mask and this way of application suited me the most. The skin was clean and matte. Very good product at a low price.


Ziaja face scrub perfectly cleanses and nourishes the skin of my face. I've been using it for about two months, three times a week, and I can see that my skin condition has changed dramatically. The face looks radiant and the skin is smooth and soft. I love this feeling and that's why I recommend it to everyone who wants to get to know the same feeling as me :-) Price for product quality is very attractive.


I use Zi pastes since then and it is my must. I have combination and problematic skin, and it cleanses and soothes it well. The skin is refreshed and perfectly smooth. I can confidently recommend it!


This paste is a revelation! It is very thick and also has peeling granules, I often use it with water after removing makeup, but sometimes I leave it on my face for a few minutes like a mask and then the effect is extraordinary! It cleans very well


The paste has a large amount of granules that rub the skin quite well. The product works, leaves the skin radiant, slightly brightened and above all smooth. The skin is perfectly prepared for tonic and cream. Thanks to this pascie I have less blemishes than before. Paste is a very good face cleansing product, but not every day. I use it once a week. It works very well for combination and oily skin.


The product is the most recommendable, for everyday use, it does not irritate the sensitive skin of the face, and I use it in the morning and evening. Peeling skin is very soft and cleansed. The fragrance is also very pleasant and refreshing.


The mechanical peeling with micro particles perfectly removes dead skin from the face and is also great at removing blackheads. Regulates the production of serum, which causes less new imperfections.


One of the better mechanical peels. Pleasant to use, definitely cleanses and unblocks pores, the skin after use is perfectly smoothed, ready for further care. A beautiful, refreshing fragrance is another plus. product recommendable


The best peeling I've ever had. Since it is in the form of a paste, it really does not need much to wash the entire mouth, which also translates into its efficiency. Strongly cleanses, mattes and narrows the pores. I use it as recommended by the manufacturer, i.e. twice a week, so I did not notice it drying my skin. And for this low price, what more could you want? ;)


A clear and honest message from the very beginning - ziaja cosmetics, known since 1989, are high quality and easily available products. You also say goodbye to tired, dry or flabby skin and damaged hair. Discover efficiency hidden in simplicity.

The brand Ziaja was created by pharmacists Aleksandra and Zenon Ziaja, who decided to produce cosmetics based on natural ingredients. Their first product was olive cream, which has been successfully sold to this day. Ziaja cosmetics will always provide your face, body and hair with intensive care and nutrition, thanks to innovative recipes containing active ingredients in the form of goat milk, cocoa butter or wild rose.

In the Ziaja Cocoa Butter collection you will find an emulsion for the face and body, anti-wrinkle cream with coenzyme Q10, and even lip balm. The products are rich in antioxidants, mineral salts and fatty acids, effectively preventing excessive drying of the skin. The Ziaja Goat Milk series was also a great success. From this series, try enzymatic scrub, silica micro-scrub or body lotion. The handbag definitely should not miss Ziaja hand cream, which will perfectly regenerate the skin at any time of the day.

Ziaja manuka tree purifying facial peeling deeply cleanses the skin, removes all impurities and smoothes the skin.


How to use:
Apply to a damp face, massage gently, then rinse thoroughly with water. Avoid the eye area. Use 1-3 times a week.

Skin type - oily, normal
Effect - desquamation
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