KORIKA Korean Beauty Ritual Intense Hydration body
KORIKA Korean Beauty Ritual Intense Hydration body
KORIKA Korean Beauty Ritual Intense Hydration body

KORIKA Korean Beauty Ritual Intense Hydration

Set of face masks

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xKORIKA Korean Beauty Ritual Intense Hydration body

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Korika is a korean brand that combines the most advanced asian technologies with effective, active substances, which is why it is a specialist in the field of skin care cosmetics. It helps women make the everyday beauty ritual more pleasant. Their domain is primarily high-quality platinum masks.

KORIKA platinum masks contain large amounts of active ingredients that vary by type. In KORIKA masks you can find, among others, activated carbon, clay, 24-carat gold, snail extract, silkworm extract, lavender, lychee, aloe vera, glacier water or bamboo butter.

Three series of KORIKA platinum masks are focused on different skin types. StarBeauty is a collection that will be appreciated by women who want to try rare ingredients, revitalize and brighten their complexion. The NaturBeauty series includes different types of masks, their main advantages are natural extracts and glacier water. The SciBeauty collection rejects modern trends in Asian cosmetics and offers masks not only on the face, but also on the arms, legs and lips, thus providing complete care.

Do not postpone plans for later, now give yourself free time to care for your skin. You know how to take care of her. Now you can enjoy the benefits of korean beauty rituals from the comfort of your home. A set of korika korean beauty ritual intense hydration face masks will help remove visible signs of stressful lifestyle on your skin and provide your hands with optimal care so that they become a showcase of your feminine charm again.

KORIKA anti-stress mask SciBeauty

Even a strict diet is not enough to prevent harmful effects on your skin. Relaxation, moisturizing, soothing and regeneration will be provided by an anti-stress mask, which in extremely delicate fabric will provide your skin with all necessary active substances.

Anti-wrinkle mask in the patch for the neckline KORIKA SciBeauty

If you neglect skin care on the neckline, it's time to provide a luxurious dose of hydration. An anti-wrinkle mask with a special shape soothes all signs of skin aging, such as insufficient hydration, irregular pigmentation and flabbiness. You will again be able to enjoy a beautiful neckline.

Regenerative hand and nail mask KORIKA SciBeauty

The appearance of your hands is influenced not only by negative environmental influences, but and demanding everyday life. Therefore, give them proper care. Regenerating mask visibly smoothes the skin exposed to harmful conditions and cares for nails. Manicures and favorite rings will look beautiful on well-groomed hands.

Skin type - for all skin types
Kit Type - convenient packaging
Effect - Moisturizing, lifting, nutrition
How to use - for day and night
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