Artdeco Spray on Leg Foundation body
Artdeco Spray on Leg Foundation body
Artdeco Spray on Leg Foundation body
Artdeco Spray on Leg Foundation body

Artdeco Spray on Leg Foundation

Toning spray for legs

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xArtdeco Spray on Leg Foundation body

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The artdeco brand was founded in 1985, and its mission is to create cosmetic products inspired by love of beauty. Intense interest in new trends and high-quality products that all women will be able to afford almost immediately boosted the artdeco brand to one of the key cosmetics brands in germany. Currently, artdeco cosmetics are appreciated in over 78 countries around the world.

Artdeco knows that every woman is unique. Has his own style and preferences in terms of highlighting his beauty. Artdeco cosmetics pay tribute to this uniqueness, and thanks to the variety of products they allow each woman to emphasize personal beauty exactly the way she likes.

A wide range of colors, countless special products and the possibility of individual combination of your own color range provide the most comprehensive, yet Tailored cosmetic experience. Try Artdeco makeup, which is an alternative to the most exclusive brands and see that high-quality products do not always have to be unreachable.

Look no more for tights in a drawer. Artdeco spray on leg foundation toning spray will make your legs look perfect without them. The spray perfectly harmonizes the tone of the skin, covers minor imperfections and immediately gives your legs a tanned look, as if you have just returned from a sunny holiday.


How to use:
Shake before use. Spray the spray evenly onto the skin at a distance of 20-30 cm. To get the perfect effect, gently spread it with your hands. Wait for the product to dry before putting on clothing.

Skin type - for all skin types
A kind of package - spray
According to mating - Medium
Consistency - spray
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