Hugo Boss HUGO Man men
Hugo Boss HUGO Man men
Hugo Boss HUGO Man men
Hugo Boss HUGO Man men
Hugo Boss HUGO Man men

Hugo Boss HUGO Man

Toilet water for men

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xHugo Boss HUGO Man men

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The composition is very fresh from the very beginning. And noticeably mint. Refreshes with its aroma. Mint leaves give it a pleasant menthol coolness. At the same time, there is no doubt that Hugo Man is dedicated to men. The sea note present here brings him closer to the best scents from the shelf with the word Sport. However, these perfumes are not only energizing, but also green and juicy. A lot of credit goes to the green apple, which is the central element of the composition. Its slightly acidic aroma was additionally emphasized with a lemon. Grapefruit is also responsible for the fruity side of the fragrance. At the same time, in the initial phase of Hugo Man, a more seasoned green chord plays a big role. Built on the basis of aromatic pine needles, thyme and basil reminds who this perfume is dedicated to. This slightly bitter, herbal-fruity mixture that Bob Aliano serves us right from the beginning can really be enjoyed. What's more, you can also find some alcoholic nuances in the head of the composition. In my opinion, however, closer to the declared rum composition for vermouth. More on the blog

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My favorite Boss fragrance. It's incredibly fresh, long-lasting and intense. The combination of aromatic notes and wood makes it extremely masculine and modern. Closed in a bottle, reminiscent of a blue travel bottle. I like to smell it, it gives me a refreshing feeling that accompanies me all day.


A great, slightly woody, but fresh scent. A bit specific at the beginning, however, falling into almost every taste after a bite. The fragrance is persistent, delicate and unobtrusive. I think I can recommend 20 to men, the smell is too serious for teenagers and too extravagant for more handsome men. Overall, I recommend.


A timeless, universal fragrance. I happened to be hooked on the street asking what I smell. I recommend a good option for someone who starts the adventure with perfumes and values ​​versatility with independence in relation to the price




I would recommend!


Captivating scent and very good price


The best perfume I've bought so far. Lasting smell and intensity. Just a dream. I recommend with all my heart !!!!!


Fiance very happy with the gift. Delighted with the bottle, durability and the smell.


Old but gold!


I bought my husband for Christmas. The environment impresses with them, so do I. They are also very durable. A universal, fresh, masculine fragrance.


The hugo boss brand has become synonymous with luxury, high quality men's fashion, accessories and cosmetics for men. It has been very popular since its beginnings due to the quality of materials and the german sense for detail and precision.

The basic principle Hugo Boss adheres to is paying great attention to the needs and wishes of its customers. It is no different in the production of cosmetics, where great emphasis is placed on the selection of the highest quality ingredients. The facts mentioned above make Hugo Boss reign undeniably today in the world of men's fashion. Now, however, women can also choose their perfumes or an exclusive wardrobe item.

The first Hugo Boss fragrance was created in the 90s of the last century, and today the brand offers several series of modern women's and men's perfumes, suited to the modern lifestyle . Hugo Boss perfumes are composed with great precision so that they can best reflect the individuality of the person using them, while perfectly highlighting its beauty.

Hugo boss hugo man eau de toilette embodies the saying that the rules are there to break them. Don't try to resist her and discover your potential!

Aroma composition
Refreshing fragrance composition is created by grapefruit and green apple as well as herbs - mint, basil and lavender. The heart has an original mixture of floral accords of clove, jasmine and sage combined with geranium essences. The eau de toilette base is dominated by woody notes of cedar and fir with a pinch of patchouli.

Fragrance history
The Hugo Boss brand is known for its refined elegance. Compared to the Boss series, the Hugo collection, which also includes this toilet water, has a more youthful, entertaining and dynamic character. A charge of fresh energy can also be seen in the shape of a bottle, reminiscent of a skin bottle, which is an integral part of the equipment of every adventurer.

Heart - sage, geranium, jasmine, carnation
Head - basil, green apple, mint, lavender, grapefruit
Base - patchouli, cedar wood, fir
Fragrance groups - aromatic, green
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How i can found this I. Jordan


It's one of my favourite perfumes, however I wish the fragrance were stronger, I like perfumes to smell stronger, to be perceived from a meter distance. This one keeps close the skin, you can only sense it if you get close to the skin. Other than that, I'm fully happy with this perfume, it smells very good, I wear it all the time :)